Google's AMP Would Only be big hit here if it supported Opera Mini

I know I’m doing a lot of wishful thinking, but the main reason Google Amp is not hitting the targeted people is because they are only on Chrome mobile browser.

A little backgrounder here for those who may need it. Google has this project called Accelerated Media Pages (AMP) that website developers need to plug in to, to make sites load faster. What this means is that websites serve a very light version of the sites and these will load in an instant. Very good for the reader if you’re on Chrome Browser.

Unfortunately many do not use it, they use Opera Mini for the famed data compression skills and that’s where my wishful thinking is. Of course Google is keen on getting users who are using Chrome to get a good experience, not those on Opera mini. At Techweez, more than half of readers who come to the site on mobile, which is still a huge percentage as over 60% traffic is via mobile, access it via Opera mini.

As some of you may know it, Opera mini comes by default with extreme data saving mode, which only loads very light websites and will not load sites with javascript or those with lots of images like Techweez. (We’ve had to explain to some why they can’t read Techweez, they most probably cannot read and contribute to this forum which is powered by Ruby and loads of Javascript)

Now back to Google’s AMP, they are doing well in developed markets where people worry less about their data, and don’t care for Opera mini, or among moderate to heavy users who wouldn’t care for it either, or at least value the experience more than saving data (Opera mini’s lack of support for Javascript ruins a lot, takes you back to 1998).

They however don’t capture the important demo that would make it important for sites like Techweez to consider aggressive entry into AMP.

It’s the classic chicken and egg problem of website bloat and finding an effective solution for mobile browsers.

If AMP is breaking your site, your devs should be awesome enough and file issues on their GitHub page here. I hear the boys and girls running the AMP project are very responsive to user requests.

AMP is not breaking our site, the biggest problem AMP is causing is reduced ads revenues due to the reduced ads options. What is breaking our site is Opera mini’s extreme data saving mode.