Google search strategies changing as organic search clicks down 50 percent

I have a come across an interesting article today on SEO …

Data from Jumpshot says that more than 50% of Google searches in June didn’t result in a click. The results show that organic search clicks are going down even as paid Google search clicks are going up, as are searches to result in no clicks whatsoever. For brands, businesses and marketers who rely on organic Google search results to drive commerce, this means recalibrating how they think of Google in their plans.

For publishers, it presents a real problem because users are less likely to click links if the information is neatly provided on the search page. This could significantly hinder affiliate marketing revenue. And for retailers, it potentially shakes up traditional organic search strategies. While many online brands buy Google ads to get high placement, they rely on top-ranking organic search results to drive traffic to their own sites too. With more people stopping their search journeys at Google itself, retail marketers are forced to rethink organic search strategy. This is especially pertinent for direct-to-consumer companies, which rely on selling their own products on their own sites; organic search click trending downward could easily mean less traffic to their sites.

Yes I have noted this in the past. You get a lot of information on Google search because of their clever graphs that pick all the important information that people are searching for.

We’ve been focused on Facebook but it seems that it’s Google’s monopoly that is really scary. That article is really really worrying about the power the Google has—part of some people’s jobs was SEO, and now that’s being changed completely by one company.

Facebook is worse, at least Google search is okay on mobile, especially with discover which surfaces content from websites you visit regular. Facebook denies pages access to followers in favor of friends’ content.

On Google there is no friends’ content. You are there for search results and news.

We had this argument in campus whereby one would be at the mercy of Google or FaceBook (or any big Search Engine/Social platform/Online Marketplace) for their business to have visibility …we are getting there. In the near future if your business is to have visibility you will have to PAY UP!