Google Podcasts

Anyone who subscribes to podcasts?


This American life has the best stories. Also Revisionist History and Freakonomics. Serial season 1 and S Town are must listens. S town is only available on the Stitcher app but is one of the best podcasts series. It is the reason I downloaded Stitcher.


Yeeeh i have subscribed to a few but i use plex and itunes to listen to most of my favourite podcasts,will definitely be trying out Google podcasts now that its out and i have installed it already.


Best thing from Google yet… currently listening to: How I Built This with Guy Raz.

Podcasts are downloadable* too… sweeet! :grin:

*Removed 30days after download or 24hr after completion


NPR/TED is the best in educational podcasts


Check out these forum entries ; Looking for African tech podcasts to follow and How and When Do You Listen to Podcasts?

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The google podcast is a very immature product compared to what ios or playerfm have…but I’ll give it time to mature

The app isn’t for the hardcore podcast users, its simplicity was intended for regular people who’ve just started to listen to podcasts. I bet as the users grow, Google will start introducing features we’ve seen from the other major podcast apps or introduce their own features.


mine is having problems with subscribing , it wont subscribe to any podcast

If you click on the more info on a podcast…you should get the subscribe button

Overall it’s not a good app, in my opinion. Or maybe I have gotten addicted to Stitcher.

You put too much expectations on this app. I love the simple design elements and so far it’s becoming my favorite podcast app.