Google Photos Will no longer be free after June 2021

:small_orange_diamond: Google is ending free, unlimited Photos storage as of June 1, 2021.

:small_orange_diamond: It says the costs of maintaining free service are too high.

:small_orange_diamond: Pixel users can still upload free shots in high quality after June



I feel this was their plan all along. Offer free service at a loss for as long as possible to kill competition, then transition to a paid model after


Wah, if they force everyone to subscribe to Google One they will earn A LOT, hio mia mbili per month for the lowest package seems insignificant but will increase its revenues considerably. King of baiting consumers and eliminating competition, Amazon, might take Google’s place :joy:


I already pay for Onedrive, it will have to be one or the other, not both for me.

Home media server has also been a consideration.

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Hiyo 200 bado ni 2400 per year. Sijui alternative itakua gani.

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I am also at that point where i have to buy more cloud storage - Samsung cloud is shutting down and I have to move a lot of files there. I think I’ll go with OneDrive because of the integration with Samsung and Office.
I can’t believe I’m actually paying for cloud storage. I see the benefits though especially now that I have unlimited internet.

Everyone who pays for Onedrive is sorted.

Already using Proton vpn and proton mail, I might as well store my media with a company built around security and privacy… Proton drive came out a few weeks ago, and the prices are quite good.

(Btw many journalists and activists use proton mail coz you can’t just trust tech silicon valley not to read your stuff)


Unfortunately, many didn’t know about unlimited photos /video storage on Google Drive. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

But read somewhere Google claiming that users upload 14 million GB of data to GDrive daily :thinking::thinking::thinking:

I was hoping Google photos was Google’s way of giving back, because of all the data they collect from us. We’ve helped train those algorithms bana. Kumbe they just wanted to get us hooked. I would rather buy a pixel than pay for cloud storage, sipendi mambo ya kuongeza bills.

Oh no, I think I will go with a home server.

Nextcloud will sort all your problems.