Google Now on Tap cannot be enabled on the Infinix Hot 2 after updating to Android Marshmallow

Our Infinix Hot 2 got the Android 6.0 update yesterday. One of the standout features of Android Marshmallow is Google Now on Tap. Surprisingly, it is not possible to turn it on and opt in on the Infinix Hot 2. What gives? For those of you with the device and have received the update, has anyone else experienced this?

That’s not the only miss. There is a much noticeable lag now after the update. When screen is locked and phone has been idle for more than a few minutes, it will take upto 6 seconds to unlock when you want it to. The same applies to when you make a call. When you are done with the call, it will take several seconds before the proximity sensor responds to un-dim the screen for you to disconnect the call. The OS is already using 467 of the available 1GB RAM fulltime, so you can tell what this means. 84% of memory is in use generally, leaving so little for extra requests.

I agree it kinda sucks on the part of not responding to the unlock screen command achieved by pressing the power button. I am facing same issue too. I wish they fix this bug. I am also having issues with the proximity sensor detecting when the phone has been removed from the ear-calling position.

Another thing, the damn thing can’t pull my names form my contacts when someone calls or when I call and I have not found a way around it. Every one who calls me is marked as an anonymous caller despite me having their contacts on my phone and on my gmail/contacts. I have to keep saving the numbers afresh by updating their existing contacts as they call thus I end up saving the same phone no. twice under one name. I wish I didn’t go for the update since now even people who I owe money can get me without me ignoring their calls since I have not mastered their numbers :slight_smile: #NjaanuaryWoes

Now this is a real life problem.:joy::joy: Pole.