Google Maps Realtime traffic for Nairobi - Google denies

This is an interesting one, we discovered that Google was giving real-time traffic data sometime back, several users tested this and it showed traffic updates on different routes. After doing the story on what we knew, Google responded to our query on the same. They said they have not done that and there is no real-time traffic data yet.

The interesting bit here is that many Android users online noticed an alert on their Google Now saying there will be heavy traffic expected on Wednesday, the day Pope Francis arrives in Kenya. See tweet below:

Is it a case of testing but not launched, so “we cannot talk about it yet” or a special roll-out for the Pope event?

Yep,it actually works with a bit of accuracy

Yeah it does. I realised it does mark some road sections as under construction especially the Bypass roads! I witnessed the pope alert too but after that it’s been pretty silent.

So, Uncle Google sent me an invite about beta tester for Google Maps. I got into the program but the terms are scary. Haven’t clicked the ACCEPT button because of the following.

Google Maps Preview - Confidentiality Reminder

Access to this app is restricted to individuals who have agreed to the Non-Disclosure Agreement as part of Google’s Maps Preview Trusted Tester program. Do NOT share this app nor its contents (e.g., screenshots) with anyone who is not a member of the program.

By downloading, installing, and/or using the app, you:

  1. Agree to maintain the confidentiality of the app; this includes:
    a. NOT forwarding or in any way sharing the contents and app with anyone
    b. NOT using the app in ways where non-program members may view the app
  2. Agree that access and use of the app may be monitored via your username or other identifiers.
  3. Agree that Google may periodically send you notifications for nearby Offers based on your location.

You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups “Google Maps Preview” group.

Well, to put this to rest, Google Maps has live traffic updates for Nairobi. I do not know about other cities but I stopped using Waze and Ma3Route because Google Maps is just better at giving me alternative routes.

yep,Google Maps is better at live traffic in Nairobi

I like how in the middle of driving i can just ask for directions to another destination just by speaking to it instead of typing and it responds quite well and sets the new destination. And yes alternative routes also work well especially in bad traffic.

1 Like Now i wouldn’t mind buying this to replace my phone,

Replace your phone? You can just buy a dashboard mount and use your phone instead.

I already have a dashboard mount and use it all the time. I connect my phone to the radio AUX to let google maps speak over the music and make phone calls through the car speakers. Just saying i wouldn’t mind it to avoid that whole process of sticking it on that mount and plugging an AUX between my car radio and phone.

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I need to buy a dashboard mount. But one that won’t stick there permanently.

Can’t remember the last time i saw a permanent one they aren’t there anymore maybe because drivers just dont like them. Nowadays they all have suction cups which is good coz you can stick it on your windscreen or dashboard whichever is preferable to you, mine is on the windscreen. It looks like this

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do these rotate I like to use maps on landscape, also my car has a nav option on the car screen but it asks that I load maps does anyone know how this works

You will have to manually load the map of Kenya into your system. Normally this is done through a CD. There are people who do it, but I would recommend getting it done by a certified dealer such as CMC, DT Dobie, Toyota Kenya.

Yes they do, all you have to do is just swivel the phone holder around to landscape

Google now came through today, woke up to a reminder reminding me it’s voting day, options to find out where to vote, input my I’d got info including the voting center and station so no wrong line, then instructions on how to vote,then finally the directions to my center, plus an option to comment on my experience. Technology is awesome.

Yup, I saw this as well. Google done did it!

Well, i didn’t want to start a new thread, been pleasantly surprised that Google Street View covers most part of Nairobi. The images are dated February 2018.

Edit: Covers highways and major towns.

Courtesy of Google Scouts …

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