Google is shutting down Android Auto phone app

More recently, Google has also been working on an “Assistant driving mode” Google Assistant's driving mode finally arrives on Android | Engadget that arrived earlier this year after a few delays. Now that Google Assistant driving mode is finished, though, the company will stop offering the old Android Auto experience on phones running Android 12.

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They did as it has some glitches and was messing up with mobile functions, such as Bluetooth connectivity while driving.

Y Repost several months old post…


for the same reason you replied…

Mine still works fine I use it all the time in conjunction with my android car radio.

A while back It developed persistent GPS connectivity issues as soon as Android 12 checked in to the point I had to switch to “Waze” for directions. (I hated “Waze” as it just doesn’t give proper directions like Google Maps does)

I eventually solved that GPS connectivity issue by manually updating Android Auto via third party update app sites considering Android Auto update on Google PlayStore isn’t supported here in Kenya. Google Maps resumed working seemlessly.

Comparing Apples to Oranges. Different use cases each with its own advantages/ disadvantages.