Google denying Huawei access to Android and services

What are the possible outcomes for Google denying Huawei Android and Google services following a political spat? Of course Huawei will take a hit as a number 3 smartphone company, but they won’t take this lying down, and with all their numbers, will they get on with Tizen, since they are a member of the Tizen association? Will fellow Chinese players follow suit?

Will China stop manufacturing iPhones and other western company products? Will Daenerys bend the knee?

[UPDATE] I have spotted this on my TL, there is an OS ready, not sure whether it’s Tizen or another AOSP, but seems Huawei has been trying to cover it’s ass in case this happened, for both smartphones and desktop.

Also important:

Well time is ripe for a second open source mobile OS, Samsung’s OS might be better, but they might suffer the windows mobile dilemma of not many apps because of few users and not many app developers because of few users.
I also support Trump, china has blocked most US internet services from China, China should open up the Great firewall.

This is bulshit. Trump doesn’t understand what is at stake here.

2019 Quarter 1 saw Huawei amass a Year-over -year growth of 50.% from Q1 2018 despite decline from all other top smartphone companies.They even hit a 19% market share coming second after Samsung’s 23%.Therefore losing an OEM as big as Huawei is bad business for google since they make of a large chunk of their profit from google services and serving ads.

Someone please wake up and stop this kids play.

Without access to Google apps am curious to see how they will survive in Europe… One of their largest markets…

Interesting times ahead. Am waiting for the China Response…

It won’t last. It will be the same way with what happened to ZTE. In fact, ZTE performed a sabotaged against the US government. Even despite being warned, they continued to sale devices in countries where the US has sanctioned. Eventually, they paid a fine and that was it.

Huawei hasn’t done anything wrong.

"For Huawei, it deals a major blow to its expansion plans outside of its home market.

For Google, the decision sours relations with a major global smartphone manufacturer and perhaps risks spooking other smartphone manufacturers into contemplating the need for a serious alternative to Google’s Android operating system." Matthew Kendall , chief telecoms editor at the Economist Intelligence Unit .

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Where is TIZEN? Huawei are also part of it


And I think the over-reliance on us tech and their tech dominance has to be checked it is time tech giants to explore other options

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There is a break, sort of. Also, Huawei confirms that they will support all devices that are in the market and those that will be sold, future devices ndio itakuwa shida.

If the large OEMs to the East -> Oppo(owner of even OnePlus), Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei join forces they can create there own harmonised services on top of AOSP.
An app store would be priority but the rise of PWAs may thwart need for mobile programming frameworks. After all the dream was web apps on phones and not mobile specific apps …

Heck even fork the whole AOSP just like MySQL vs MariaDB and RedHat vs CentOS

Koreans are too proud to work with the Chinese… :joy::joy:… I don’t know why but South Korea and Japan do not enjoy the dominance of China in East Asia… Samsungs underperform in China, Huaweis are almost non-existent in S.Korea…

On this case, Huawei is part of Samsung’s Tizen initiative. They do have a smartwatch running on Tizen.

Now this … No more updated designs for SoCs. They are stuck with the released designs as of 22 May 2019, today.
Trump is really squeezing leverage :cold_sweat:

NB, I am not very informed on matters apps etc, but googling online you can find google playstore APKs, plus all the other ‘banned’’ google apps, Question can techies install these apps in the future despite the ban, plus aren’t these services available on web? well not as good as apps but…

One word ‘Convenience’…

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Huawei, ZTE and possibly HIKVISION are soft targets by Trump’s administration in the trade tariff wars. In the long term, i think this is doing more harm than any good to the US considering China is among the largest global markets for almost “anything”. Trump’s myopic way of doing business with other nations and ill advised.

Now is the time for Huawei to make AOSP rise…Google services are not necessary…

I agree with Adrian on this

Arm said they wont be working or supporting Huawei ,that is a bigger hit than the Android one