Google apps suite free, single account storage full

So for those in the know, when Google introduced google suite emails for business, they gave free lifetime subscription for 50 accounts. Something many who knew what they were doing jumped on to.

What happens when one single email account gets full, does paying to increase storage for that single one result in losing the 49 free email accounts?

You can pay around Ksh 2100 annually to increase the quota from 15GB to 100GB for that specific account.You will still retain the other 49 accounts but still limited to 15 GB. I have done it on one of my domains though i only got 10 email accounts on setup not 50 .

This is good to confirm from an active beneficiary. Thanks. I was worried at the thought of paying for that and ending up losing all the free goodies. Google suite is not cheap.

I know of some guy who has this and Google Cloud included na nime mshow tu ahame. He pays hosting per month over 30,000bob yet his portal iko na like 10,000 visitors and 2,000 users monthly.

He had some guy that works for Google code the website for him so nashuku the guy might be running other apps or sites on my friend’s hosting package

Per month? I guess app engine is being used, no reservation of the instance on compute engine or some fishy business of network and storage traffic to other regions and zones …

Per month. Last month it was 38,000bob.

We jumped onto the Free GAPPS back in the day, and we upgraded one of the created accounts storage to 1TB for backups, no issue and no effect on the remaining free accounts.

you should tell him your suspicions