GOOGLE and Partners Invest USD 100M for Cheaper BroadBand in Africa

Google has amassed a few of it’s global conglomerates to invest KES 10.8 billion bob towards the provision of cheaper broadband connectivity in Kenya. The company will run by the name CSQUARE and the project begins immediately.

What are your thoughts considering that Jamii Telecoms has acquired a 4G license (and Safaricom is crying wolf while Zuku is slowly dying)?

Google fiber? Mobile data? What’s the last mile?

NTV Business have not revealed much details but I’m sure business daily is going to cover the issue in depth.

NMG has decided that Techweez will not do a scoop this time round. They weren’t happy when we got Mpesa iTap before them.


Interesting may be you guys should contact Google direct for more information about the CSQUARE project.

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We’re on it as we speak.

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That is great will be following to know more about the project. Keep us updated.

Google fiber:

CSquared has installed more than 800 km of fiber in the Ugandan cities of Kampala and Entebbe and 840 km of fiber in the Ghanaian cities of Accra, Tema and Kumasi. In Ghana and Uganda,
Collectively over 25 ISPs and MNOs now use these metro fibre networks to offer broadband services and 4G data to end users, with over 1,200 tower and commercial building sites connected directly to CSquared’s fibre infrastructure.

NTV said very little and the material I find doesn’t have deets on amounts invested or what exactly the approach will be. But I have a head start.

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My bro showed me a vid on YouTube of a guy doing a speedtest on Google fibre in the states, speeds of 1Gbps with 0ms pings! I hope they bring FTTH

1Gbps…now that’s internet experience…

Checkout this vid Google Fiber - Speed Test

This is what I came up with, now we can have a better understanding of what it means for JTL and other small players like ISPs and MNOs.

No mention anywhere however, that they are starting to work on Kenya.

Thanks @deewinc for alerting us.


Yeah that sh!t is crazy. When Google launched Google Fiber in the US a few years ago, it used to be the fastest connection in the US over 100MB/s. So now it must be crazy.

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Thanks so much for giving us more information too.

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Gigabit internet, the things I’m dreaming of doing with gigabit? Vision 2030?

With great speed comes great responsibility, Seed.


You can stop dreaming @BoazKE, I have confirmation that this has nothing to do with Kenya. Nairobi just hosts the HQ, that’s all. According to them, Kenya has many players already ensuring we have broadband coverage, they want to catch up them with other connected countries. So next countries could probably be Tz, Ethiopia, Togo and others that have low connectivity.

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This is sad…We want Google Fiber!

Nah,no need for Google Fiber,the industry locally is diverse and prices are competitive enough

I disagree. More than 95% of the population is still restricted to bundles.