GIVEAWAY: 1000 bob Airtel airtime

Hey members, so I got Airtel airtime worth 1000 bob to give away. All you got to do is get the nice share badge. This should be very easy to get. You could read any of the forum entries and share it, using the share buttons below the entry. Naturally, you will need to be registered on the forum for the system to capture your entry. Look for the share button that looks
like this :point_down:

The 1000 bob airtime will go to the first person to get the badge so get sharing. You get the badge if you share a link and at least 25 people click through to read what you shared, so this should be simple.
You will get a notification on your account when you get the badge. We will announce here who wins, and the winner will be sent the airtime voucher via private message right here.

UPDATE: This is a Kenyan airtime voucher.

Giveaways are quite interesting way of increasing engagement on the forums…Kudos Techweez

What if you already have the nice share badge?

Nice share badge can be given more than once. For this purpose, the previous one is nice to have, just not important for the giveaway. I check my stats and I believe by end of today we will have one of you assigned by the system. Badges are given once daily.

We will be having more and much better giveaways going forward.

We have a winner! @sarunibm already got the badge as evidenced here some 4 hours ago!

Congratulations Ayden.

Meanwhile, I have a good 1000mAh powerbank that I don’t use, it’s branded one of the banks, so that says I was given at a press event. But who cares? This will be given out soon to one of our members who will be an active participator. Soon we will have even more interesting giveaways.

Awesome!!! How can I get the airtime?

You are yet to receive a private message from me? I sent it immediately I made the announcement.

Received the Private Message