Genuine Synix Dealer in Nairobi???

Hello everyone. I am new here, but I come with a question. I would like to buy a 43’’ Synix Android tv. Can someone tell me where is the genuine synix dealer here in Nairobi? Thanks

You can check here if you don’t trust Nairobi shops, it’s the official online store for transsion products

Thanks. Yes, I don’t trust shops in town. I have been following discussions here and noticed several testimonies of individuals who have been conned with fake TVs or worse, their money taken and no TV delivered. It’s tricky. About three months ago, I purchased a sony home theatre from Jumia. I thought Jumia was genuine, but the device is just fake. I am still feeling disappointed. I also bought a water dispensor and it looks fake as well. But I realize am not a lone. there are guys here who have similar experiences. That makes me not to trust Jumia either. Amazon is good, but the product takes a bit longer and also, seems they don’t sell synix products.