Genuine Computer Repair and Accessories

I’m looking for a genuine computer repair and accessories shop, within Nairobi. My laptop keeps hanging. I’d like to know what’s wrong with it. A diagnosis, of sort. I would also like to buy a genuine CISCO Ethernet cable. Anyone with an idea?

hey @Mwitu, if your laptop is just hanging, try to repair it yourself. you can also format and install new OS if everything fails cuz it might be a virus or some drivers problem. Whats the make of your PC? the RAM, CPU, specs? if its 4 gb ram and you are a heavy user, can you increase RAM capacity? Have you been updating windows? do you use KMSpico? try genuine windows 10 pro free from store. etc…

How does one format? Don’t know the specs, inherited it from someone else. I’ve been updating windows. In fact, it was updating automatically.

What is KMSpico? Umenichanganya

It’s a HP Windows laptop.

Ooh my, now you need a friend to help you with this process, otherwise kwa fundi you will be charged exorbitant price.
Get a friend to help you look into your PC. If you inherited it there’s a high chance something ain’t right.
I remember in Campo I formatted a fresher’s comp for 5k :joy::joy::joy: cuz it was hanging. Na Ni process ya 1 hr :grin: and he knew nothing other than browsing and using office with it.
KMSpico is hacktool (common in the days of Windows 8) used to register OS as original. But some criminals modify it to manipulate data on PC when installed.

You know where I can get a genuine CISCO cable in Nairobi?

Nah, that am not aware. But if you don’t mind the brand, Ethernet cables from shops will work just fine. Make sure you check the “cat” number. Cat 6/6a or cat 7 should work just fine. Buy the cable for around 70 bob per metre and then you can get it clamped/terminated for 50 bob both sides.
You can also buy one that is complete but goes for around 300 bob for 2 metres if prices haven’t changed.

From WHERE? What shop do you recommend?

Kuna friend yangu who sells Ethernet cables pale tea room. Indoor cat 6 is 40 per metre. He is legit, that I can assure you. His name is Murithi, and phone number nimeku inbox. You can visit him tomorrow I don’t think amefungua leo. You can also ask him to diagnose your laptop too Kama bado hujapata a friend to help you out.

Thanks, my fren.

You welcome.

This is beautiful, share updates when you get assisted.

Get a genuine key…from me…

Wah that was alot of damage :smile: that must’ve been kitambo. Nowadays you can’t go past 2k formatting charges

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