General Discussion: Data Privacy

#Apple’s Nutrition labels which are akin to nutrition labels have a glaring loophole. They are not generated by #Apple

Why would #Apple not test/simulate apps and generate the report from this? They already own and control how developers publish apps, delivery of them and where users download them(The App Store)!

Apple’s big privacy product is built on a shaky foundation: the honor system. In tiny print on the detail page of each app label, Apple says, “This information has not been verified by Apple.”

Unlike nutrition labels where you play cat and mouse games of either getting samples from the producer or the market, which may be tampered with by other parties, here it’s a copy of an app (even though their can be multiple versions) being distributed …

Simply doesn’t make sense …

Steve Gibson raises an important question, specifically to #Apple whose main campaign has been “privacy”, as they have responded to the 3 attempts to reach them only with silence

What are you doing with this data and if it’s not necessary why are you collecting it?

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#safaricom to hide your phone number from merchants …

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this is a good move and a big win for privacy

Perfect! I still get promotional messages from businesses I purchased products from like two years ago with Mpesa :man_facepalming:. Others like Naivas will keep texting you “deals”

Been getting promo sms’s from random companies.

A chink on #apple’s privacy armour? Those #ads from 2019 are starting to fade away …today its iCloud backups next will be the #iPhone itself?

The road to hell is paved with good intentions

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#FYI for those who don’t know what is encrypted on #iCloud

These features and their data are transmitted and stored in iCloud using end-to-end encryption:

  • Apple Card transactions (requires iOS 12.4 or later)
  • Home data
  • Health data (requires iOS 12 or later)
  • iCloud Keychain (includes all of your saved accounts and passwords)
  • Maps Favorites, Collections and search history (requires iOS 13 or later)
  • Memoji (requires iOS 12.1 or later)
  • Payment information
  • QuickType Keyboard learned vocabulary (requires iOS 11 or later)
  • Safari History and iCloud Tabs (requires iOS 13 or later)
  • Screen Time
  • Siri information
  • Wi-Fi passwords
  • W1 and H1 Bluetooth keys (requires iOS 13 or later)

#apple dropped it’s plan to encrypt #iCloud backups after the FBI complained?

The rule of anything you put on the internet is or will become publicly accessible seems to be holding …


Sir Tim Berners Lee’s “Data Pods”

The question is still out as to how pple got registered as members but in the meantime:

Resignation done. It took only two days for it to be processed.

When installing an app even those that do need your contact list(Social Media Apps) do you pause to wonder if your violating the privacy of people in your contact list?

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Yes, I do and ensure that I dont give these third party app access to my phone and data completely.

An interesting time for big tech and data brokers(Not in the lime light as much). Protect your users or continue the business model of #Surveillance Capitalism?