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So have you tried Twitch app yet? a popular online service for watching and streaming digital video broadcasts available on iOS, Android, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, PlayStation 3 & 4, Amazon’s Fire TV, Chrome-cast and NVIDIA SHIELD. Most gamers use it to broadcast their live gaming while chatting with their viewers. I just downloaded it 2 weeks ago and i’ve occasionally been watching it.

If you have a game you particularly like playing (like for me it’s TEKKEN 7) ,there are top gamers for that very particular game on Twitch all you have to do is search for the game and view their game-plays by avid gamers, others are multigamers and not really fans of particular games per say but are very popular and interesting to watch non the less, an example is ClassyKatie

Others do make a living on Twitch by streaming via subscriptions, donations, sponsorships, doing advertisements and/or affiliate sales. It requires a lot of dedication by streaming 5-7 days a week to maintain viewers.

I for one want to know how to connect my PS4 to Twitch and stream online also. (Niko youtube researching on the same.) Any Kenyan Twitch or intersting Twitcher you can recommend i will gladly follow.

You simply:

  • Start the game you wish to stream.
  • Press the ‘Share’ Button.
  • Select “Broadcast Gameplay”
  • Select the service you wish to stream to
    ( or UStream)
  • Link your Twitch / UStream profile to your PS4
    (This is done on their respective websites)
  • Title your broadcast / set streaming options
  • Select “Start Broadcasting”

You can also use more or less the same approach to Stream to YouTube

So anyone here tried out Steam Link app for android tv? Well,Steam Link used to be a small hardware console that allows you to take advantage of in-home streaming features on steam so you can play PC games on your TV with the steam controller…Now the Steam Link feature has been bundled into an app esp for android tv that allows you to play PC games on your android tv with PS4 or Xbox controller…Personally i use it to play PC versions of FIFA 18 and NFS payback on my TV and it works great…for it to work perfectly,the TV and PC need to be on the same 5Ghz wifi network or same network connected via Ethernet,also get the Steam Link app for Android TV from the google playstore and install it.If you have an android tv box/game controller and a beefed up PC maybe you dont need a PS4/Xbox console,you can just get started on your gaming adventures like this…Be aware some small configuration and testing may be required for a great experience…

Yep,exactly as he said…thats how i do my broadcasts…but make sure you got decent bandwidth preferably 10MBps going up to run a comfortable broadcast on PS4

Do we have gamers on here? I’d like to add more Kenyans to my gamer list (PC,PS4)


what nationality are you?

Done, now how to add an in-line video of myself playing the game being broadcast, nimekwama kwa droid cam

100% Kenyan

look for krizwech on Playstation, thats my username. whats yours i follow you,

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Anyone who plays PS3 Tekken 6 get at me, i need a serious challenger so far nobody matches up to my Tekken skills. Krizwech is my username, add me tuchapane. Be warned i dont give breathing space so dont just stand there with your character, fight.

Add me to your list

AlcaponeV254 …

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Done, check your friend request,

Whats your PSN username?

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I see you are a PSN Plus subscriber, how do you buy your subscription? My PSN is registered to Florida all my VISA/Mastercards zilikataa including Paypal. I’ ve tried going through ways you guyz recommended though another thread but all in vain

Just buy a digital code from Amazon using your Credit card or PayPal account.
Then redeem it in your account

If for whatever reason your card doesn’t work, get someone to buy for you

Those on Discord can join Code254 Server

Hey all, I may be interested in importing a gaming PC soon. I was interested in Black Friday deals, but the VAT charged would negate any possible savings. Has anyone made purchases from souq? and then shipped via Salihiya - I think that’s the popular Somali service?