GALAXY S10s, especially S10E: What do you make of them?

Well, if I had the money I would buy the S10e because I love flat screens better than curved bs. The Galaxy Fold will probably cost 210k in Kenya.

Five devices in one day… You need some stones for that :joy:. Anyway, niangukie jackpot, S10+ ceramic back is my device. I don’t mind the dual punched holes… hio ultrasonic fingerprint seems so good

The galaxy s10 plus looks very interesting. I once made a comment here that Samsung’s evolutionary design was the curved screen on S7 edge and I think the new round of phones now can claim a step forward. everything in between (the S8s and 9s has lacks proper value addition) . The new range has actual improvements that matter like the in-screen fingerprint reader, wide angle camera, dual front camera etc and the fold of course promises interesting designs in future. A rational upgrade for me however would be the Note 9 (if at all I was eyeing Samsung). And are you guys surprised by the 12GB of ram? and the possible 1.5TB of storage on a phone? A bit too much maybe?

nothing evolutionary on the S10 series all those features already exist on cheaper phones to be specific honor, nova and oneplus plus many more had these features sammy is calling evolutionary lets say the brand will market the s-series but for a rational and value customer the S10 series are overpriced

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My inner grammar nazi knows you guys mean revolutionary and not evolutionary but I’ll let that slide.

This is a case of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. The S10’s have the best displays on any device, the worlds first ultrasonic in display fingerprint reader (Not like those cheaper devices which have to literally shine a bright light under your finger in order to ‘see’ it.), an actually useful triple camera setup, and many others all while not dropping features such as MicroSD and a headphone jack. It’s a phone for the person who wants it all, not for value-seeking hoi polloi :grinning:.


where do u put xiaomi mi9 same display as the galaxy but with a lower resolution same ultrasonic fingerprint scanner as the galaxy same camera set up wide angle depth sensor and a higher megapixel primary sensor headphone jack and sd are dead on phones unless its low end with 16gigs rom but as for me sammy is not revolutionary its the brand that stands out hence others are in the shadow

Same Display :roll_eyes::thinking::thinking::thinking:. I have not seen the two but I am sure the S10 has the better display. HDR10+. These devices are for people who want the best no shortcuts. 4100 battery means power also won’t be an issue. If you have the money these phones are winners, meanwhile acha ningoje hiyo Redmi Note 7 ifike Kenya


Let me show you the differences:

  1. S10 has LTE-A 7CA while mi9 has basic LTE-A aggregation

  2. S10 is IP68 Dust/water proof

  3. S10 has a dynamic AMOLED that supports HDR10+, MI9 has basic super AMOLED with HDR 10

  4. S10 exynos version has a CPU single core score of 4500+ while S855 has single core score has 3500+

  5. S10 basic storage is 128gb while mi9 starts at 64.

  6. Cameras S10 has a better overall experience (if you care about dxomark, Sammy has 109 while mi9 has 107… I know, insignificant :grin::grin:)

  7. S10 has a headphone jack…

  8. S10 supports the new WiFi ax standard

  9. Type C on S10 supports USB 3.1 while mi9 type C is still at 2.0

  10. S10 has 800mAh more battery capacity

  11. S10 has ultrasonic fingerprint sensor while mi9 has optical version that is less reliable.

See? They are both Androids so specs matters… :grin::grin:


Fun little fact in the battle of the flagships, the S10’s 9 Watt wireless charge would charge an iPhone XS faster than Apple’s stock 5 Watt charger.

Now if only Samsung could ditch the bloatware and release system updates on time.

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A bit slow compared to the normal ones. By the way what happened to the ultrasonic stylus?

Galaxy S10 and S10 plus don’t work with normal screen protectors. You apparently have to shell out 6000 for a special screen protector for that. I don’t think it’s a big problem anyway because in that price range most people don’t care about such stuff.

Do people still use screen protectors…? Ever since I started using devices with gorilla glass I have never seen the need to… regardless of the regular drops. Anyways, if you can shell out 90k for a device you shouldn’t complain about additional 6k for a protector :grin::grin:. Apple users will buy dongles for more than that…

Glass screen protectors…

That’s why I am saying in this price range it is not an issue but cheaper phones users it would be.

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