Gadgets that self-destruct when stolen? I'm game

So this is how the future sneaks in on us, huh? As much as tech is expensive, something that’s more expensive is having your data on the wrong hands. Would you take a bet on buying hardware with the knowledge that the defense mechanism is self-destruction upon theft?

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Fine in theory, but I wonder how many cases there will be of accidental activation? Plus, it seems to me that once the system is in common use, all a mwizi has to do is remove the battery! I think this is just a way of extracting pesa from the tin-foil-hat brigade :wink:

reminds me of this an airport device that you enter with your luggage if you have a bomb on you you blow up inside the booth,
so for phones if you mis enter your the password on your phone boom, if your snoopy girl tries to hack boom

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wow. that’s amazing. such gadgets are really a know-how if it contains very important and private information and you do not want anybody to have access to it