Fuliza made more than Mshwari, KCB Mpesa combined

Fuliza looks a whole lot better for Safaricom as a cash cow than KCB Mpesa and Mshwari both which are larger brands and came years earlier.

not surprised…i stopped using kcb mpesa and mshwari after my CRB listing,even after clearing i couldnt get a loan with either so fuliza was always coming through…fuliza always comes in handy,if only they could increase my limit

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Fuliza will charge you 200 bob for 1500 loaned while KCB M-Pesa will charge 80 bob. The the Fuliza late fees rise extremely fast and you can easily end up paying 1/4 of your loan as fees. This explains the profits from Fuliza.


Never seen the logic borrowing from these apps… Exorbitant charges…

I saw this and immediately opted out of the service. I tend to be very comfortable when shopping, knowing I can Fuliza if I overspend. To hell with it. I’ll be back later…or maybe never :grin: I can’t make Safaricom lower that fee, so I have to take a step myself.

Edit: Maybe if we team up we can make a change. I don’t see any reason Safaricom should pursue profits this aggressively, considering our economy and average income levels. In my opinion this is just monopoly benefit, no other justification.

See how much transaction charges you were charged and other analytics using this app;

This is a good topic, but in the wrong thread. Please start a different topic for the same and introduce your app properly.