Front camera becoming main camera

I just came across this article by @DicksonOtieno that brought to the fore the ‘coming of age’ of the front camera. I agree that the generation I am in, (side-note, I’m a millennial that was almost in the previous generation) and the generation after me, really exploit that camera. Especially for Snapchat, Instagram and other apps that bring out narcissism in people.

However, my gallery is still 90 percent photos with the rear camera and we are not yet at the point where the front camera has taken over in terms of image quality. I still find myself wishing I could have someone take a photo of me with the rear camera in those 'wefie/groufie moments.

Has the front camera taken the iron throne on yours?

Back camera over the front any day. I am weird with selfies, I take too long to find the correct pose and I end up hating the resulting photo.

What’s the opposite of photogenic?

I take my selfies with the rear camera - ALWAYS - as I prefer photo quality over convenience.