Free WiFi on Taxi by Safaricom, what will be different this time?

Craft Silicon developed this Little Cab app and partnered with Safaricom to launch it. What Safaricom brings to the table is the efficient billing via Mpesa which is a big deal since drivers get paybill accounts, ability for drivers to act as agents for Airtime among other Safaricom products (I consider this ridiculous but as you were) and free WiFi provided by the driver.

Now Safaricom is giving drivers 7.5 GB of data to drivers, it’s not yet clear whether that’s the amount they get from Safaricom, but it’s said that Safaricom sponsors the free Wi-Fi. For one Safaricom did have free WiFi product with PSVs launched some years back, and this flopped as PSV owners did not go on with buying the 10GB data that was to sustain it.

Sometime back again Safaricom offered free Wi-Fi at Thika Road Mall, didn’t last and they started charging via a portal, I don’t know the stats on usage, so I will just put it there.

Now here is 7.5GB data on taxis, whether this is promotional for some time or will last long, I feel like it’s another miss. For one, 7.5GB data isn’t even sufficient for the driver to have the app running and also do other things smartphones do daily, leave alone be available for the passenger. But time will tell, I’m just a critic, what do you think?

bundles will never work with such products,what they need is to relaunch these initatives with a different approach,like throttling speeds to 1 or 2Mbps per user and applying a friendly flexible user portal on all these services.Otherwise they are just doomed to fail.Why would i stop using Uber? coz they dont have MPESA? thats silly…Uber drivers do take MPESA payments,cash and charge cards…Not forgetting they are huge with expatriates and travelling kenyans coz they are literary everywhere unlike little cabs…Nywa time will tell,But Uber is winning

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I think here Safaricom moved from being a trend setter to a copy cat and that is why they are doomed to fail on this.

They’ve started the Airtel gimmicks of thinking that offering goods at a lower price rather than setting trends will get people to adopt the service.

I am giving little cab 2yrs tops before they realize they were in over their heads and shut it down

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