Free WiFi in every Constituency bill

So this has happened. Parliament has passed a bill to get govt to provide free wifi in every Constituency in Kenya.

And I don’t know what to think. It sounds good on paper, but remember we had a pilot in Nakuru we don’t have progress info about. Meanwhile, we still have Kenyans struggling with healthcare, food and basic education. But no, let’s start a project to tender for the free WiFi.


Then we’ll see them billing per MB, because someone has to make money

All these V8s out here didn’t acquire themselves …


This project will not go far

this is a failed project that will not take off or achieve much,a bill is not needed to get free wifi coverage in every constituency,all that is needed is proper partnerships with existing players and make the initiative self sustainable by tying it to other economic activities that can pay for the access. as it is now,its just a scheme for eating/corruption.

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What happened to the Nakuru free wifi pilot project…!?