Free streaming app 😂(tubi TV)

So earlier on this week I came across an interesting streaming app online called TUBI TV which is free…Yes free :scream::scream: like the typical Kenyan I decided to try it out and it’s free alright :joy::joy: all you do is download the app sign in(can create a new a/c or sign in with Facebook) scroll through the various shows hit the play button and walaah…but theirs a catch in all this Ads :tired_face::tired_face:but not the annoying pop up ones they are similar to those found in YouTube only that you can’t skip them :expressionless:.It’s a good app all the same though. Aw, it also supports Google cast.

Hebu try Popcorn Time app (windows or android) and tell me which of the two you like more

I tried tubi TV after reading abt it on digital trends oooh poor me this app isn’t just my taste

Lemme get it but honestly the show found on tubi TV are in heard off I’ve tried searching for some of my favourite TV shows like the originals and surprisingly it’s not there

I’ll agree with you on that I can’t find my favourite TV shows in this app :unamused::unamused: I’ll just stick to Netflix :joy:

:joy::joy: this app been here for ages and its just a disappointment.
Most of all… those movies are too old

you will find almost everything on Popcorn Time. Streams from torrents at 720p or 1080p. all you need is more bandwidth on your internet :grin:

i’ll just stick to torrents and parent directories download my movies and then watch in peace

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Is that how Tubi TV came in and left like Messi in the world Cup?


snagfilms and popcornflix are good too. You can such apps from the list mentioned in this article.

Who has tried out LINE NET TV on ANDROID? I’m enjoying those American channels.

I use it regularly to watch Formula 1. It’s very good.

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The good thing is they don’t splash you with ADS. I love it for movie channels and sports.

Woi tumeshinda na hii app mwaka moja plus, kwani umekuwa wapi :smile: thats how we’ve been watching epl, mimi sijakuwa na decoder for close to 5 years. When i got enlightened to this app in 2017 I’ve never looked back. When it comes to movies UK is the country to go, jaribu Sky Cinema Movie channels you won’t be disappointed

These are my current favorites on the app both on phone and android tv

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hehehe shida ya kuishi Timbuktu ndiyo hii. A year back data was still expensive so streaming apps zilikua out of my to do list.

The APP is great naona nikinunua Android TV box. Sasa juu wewe hujatumia pay tv for over a year, any suggestions on an Anrdroid TV box that supports DVB-T2 free to air channels?

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My TV is a digital TV i watch free to air hapo but rarely, (tuseme naonanga news pekee) the rest of the times i stream channels via android box. My current one is bogus it has 2GB RAM and hangs

I currently want to get this mid level android box T95z naskia iko fiti and the specs are amazing,


It retails at 13k locally, more expesive than the MiBox which retails at around 8,500/- or thereabout. The reason i dont like the MiBox ni juu haina ethernet port, its 2GB RAM/8GB ROM

For your criteria Jaribu Safaricom Big Box but kwanza uliza @Stiffler254 naskia iko na issues zake

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Hiyo big box si may be inaeza kataa ku install ma streaming apps? Safaricom si watu wazuri


  • My BigBox Came preinstalled with; Sidelauncher, Terrarium, HDTV, Line Net TV and a host of other relevant apps. Get the Drift here …

  • You can sideload any apps that you want, just like any other Android Box out there

  • At 6k, I think its value for money

  • Only Downside for the Box is the Occassional hanging and no option to turn it off completely

  • Normally used the PS4 to stream n stuff, so I cant real speak authoritatively on android boxes. But what I currently have fully satisfies my streaming needs

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Comes with some streaming apps(e.g Mobdro). Unaweza waambia wasiweke.

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Its funny that they are encouraging piracy.