Free logo maker on Namecheap and a lesson for service providers

So earlier on I got an email saying that Namecheap have introduced a free logo maker, here it is.

Now one thing I have come to know is the usefulness of such a free thing as a funnel for new business that developers and product managers could embrace. Many years ago I was looking for free Wordpress themes, among the search results was free themes provided by a web hosting company.
They looked good, and I would switch from one to the other, but what I ended up doing is going to the main site and navigating to see what they offer, and that was the beginning of a multi-year duration as their client. In fact at the latest we were a VPS client.
We moved though, after they were acquired by a company that didn’t appreciate the culture that we loved for many years, but I digress.

The point is that you can develop a tool or tools that people need and use it as a funnel for new business.