Four Challenges on Marketing for startups and their solutions

We all know this, building a startup is harder than heading a department of a multinational. It doesn’t end at having a nice business plan, you have to sell, you have to be better than the next three companies playing in your field. And it ain’t easy. Here is a list of four challenges you will face when marketing a startup and there’s work-arounds on how to solve them.

The challenges are competition, too many options you have to pick from, staying focused on the goals and of course limited resources you can use for marketing.

For competition, you cannot entirely focus on what your rivals are doing well and do that as well. You got to see what they are doing wrong, do it and get your edge.

The options you have to face, the solution lies in understanding your target audience.

Solution: Focus on finding out who your target audience is and where they hang out. Once you’ve deciphered who your marketing will be geared at, you can narrow down your marketing options.

Regarding staying focused, you will realize how automation comes in handy. You will find that your startup is like a baby, requiring attention all the time, and there’s just a few of you. Automation takes away the regular events, especially social media and ensures you are always visible. It of course requires a plan to pick out what can be automated and how best this can be done.

Challenge number four is pretty much straightforward. Solution lies in lean marketing. Targeted, measurable, visible marketing. There is quite many free tools available to us, leverage the networks you can get, including existing clients to get you to reach the other customer. Your existing customers need to be your first ambassadors, treat them well.