Former Angani CEO pitched by new Investor for new Startup

If you are reading this you probably know about Angani which has become more popular because of boardroom brawls than the great solutions the company offers. If not please read here, there are several links that get you started.

Now what you may have missed is that even if former Angani CEO Phares Kaboro might miss marks on front-line leadership as alleged to take a company from startup to blue-chip, he sure knows how to get a product that can be sold up from the ground. Someone knows this and has offered to ask him on board to her team, and she’s an investor who has invested in Pesapal, one of Kenya’s leading tech startups in the Financial tech space.
Whatever she’s on to, this might prove interesting both to watch and to also see how Phares will pick up from the recent fall with this new life-line.

[UPDATE] Looks like Phares is in

You have put it all across, and clear. I am looking forward to the tech round table this evening and hear what she has to say.

I guess he already got it running.

He is a legend already

[UPDATE] Scoop! Phares and Brian will launch a Vmware and virtual cloud services startup called Node Africa. Let the match begin!

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Nice scoop! You were way ahead on this news. Should be an interesting year in the Kenya cloud services biz.