Forbes has a Telegram bot that will send you two digests daily

The world is indeed changing. This is what Forbes’ Bruce Upbin wrote while introducing the publication’s new Telegram bot:

They used to say the medium is the message, but in the new news business that old saw is getting flipped: messaging is the new medium. Digital news audiences are fatigued by apps, especially news apps (they use fewer than two news apps on average), and they’re getting overwhelmed by the torrents pushed out on social networks. What newsrooms (and brands) worldwide are realizing is that the place to reach readers these days are messaging apps. Chat platforms such as WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger and WeChat (its Chinese messaging client is way ahead on this front) already reach more than 2 billion people worldwide, a bigger audience than the top four social networks. Time spent messaging has surpassed time spent on social networks.

The bot auto-delivers two digests from the publication daily. This is an interesting approach since there are also Telegram Channels which are increasingly popular that can be used to reach hundreds of thousands of subscribers at a go. Leading publications like The Guardian, the BBC, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, ESPN among others have been on Telegram leveraging Channels for a while now and they are extremely popular.

Follow this link to directly add the Forbes Telegram bot to your feed or search for @Forbesbot from within the app.
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