Finally, public likes SCAM collapsing

After 3 to 4 months of operation, the chic is ready to hatch.
I opened an account a few days ago just see the fuss in this “advertising company”. Something I was of concern is how the payment policies are changing by day. Users are now required to upload a copy of their ID (front and back), to help in authenticating the owner in bank withdrawals. This got me thinking, the face of the ID is enough right? Why would they be asking for all your ID details and bank account.
Here is a screenshot

According to them, they want to start sending money through banks now as they seem to be hitting their daily M-Pesa limit.

I am also not sure of the KYC requirements, but maybe a copy (front and back) of the ID is required.

Anyway, I am interested in seeing how far public likes will go. I’d like to know if they have customers (advertisers) going to them.

That mpesa limit is a sham. Imagine how much SportPesa transacts with a corporate account na hawajawahi sema maneno ya daily limit. Even a simple LipaNaMpesa is allowed to transact crazy amounts, how about a PayBill?. Hawa ukora tu.

Just as ponzi schemes do.
M-Pesa limit? This is new.

Let’s continue this topic in one place. Easy to track timeline of events.