Finally Kenya to get .ke Second level domain extension

We’ve been using the domain extension all along, and many wondered why we couldn’t just grab and own the .ke domain extension like other countries who have .es for Spain, .ng for Nigeria among others. Now one thing could be the reason, cost. Second level domain extensions are more expensive to manage than third level. I don’t know the costs, but they are huge. That’s why even while it made more sense to have the .ke we used

The opportunities this opens include having the domains with .ke extension purchased by global players. Think what the domain would mean for a global cake business, or, People with names ending with .ke like Mike. It is even more convincing for all of us Kenyans to buy the .ke extension, it doesn’t feel lesser than others and will make a domain shorter than .com. Also consider how hard it is to get a good name with the global Top level domains (gTLDs).

I’ll wait and see what price they are being sold at, mostly we’ll have a ton of domain squatters.

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I bet it will be an expensive affair. Imagine,,,, etc


I suspect a backroom deal has already been done to either sell these at a premium or squat on them. Plus After they disabled I shall be careful who i advise to get on these KeNIC controlled domains.

Definately they will sell it at a premium price, $1,000+

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Then in 2025 they come back with buy cheap domains.

I sought an explanation, on why the price difference.

Summary is they chose to price it different to fund projects, considering it a premium domain extension. The 2nd level versus the 3rd level

What activities, salaries?

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I LIKE the HIKE domain :joy:

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Ahoy people!
So today we are going to host an AMA (Ask me anything) with the CEO of KeNIC, so you can ask all the questions you have had on the .ke domain, and anything really about Kenya domain extension.

We would have hosted it here but we have a slight hitch with the mail service that supports this forum, this means that new members cannot sign up, since the process involves an email verification for one to get signed up, even the CEO himself can’t sign up for the AMA, we’ll deal with that after the AMA and the next AMA will be conducted here.

So we are publishing the article on Techweez and the questions will be asked in the comments section. I will update this topic with the link of the article once it goes up.

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I like this :joy::laughing: :joy::laughing::joy::laughing::joy::laughing::joy::laughing::joy::laughing:


.ke domain goes for only 10k unlike the .Africa one which goes for 24k

Only 10k?

Lanes are important :joy::rofl: