Filled tank causes explosion, fact or fiction?

I have see this forward via WhatsApp, how possible is this? What’s the science here? My understanding is that the Middle East is hotter than East Africa on the average days, do cars in the middle East go with half empty tanks when it’s not winter?

Warning from an oil company. Due to increase of temperature in the next days, please dont fill petrol to the max. It will cause explosion in the fuel tank.If u want petrol, then fill to half and leave a space for air.This week 5 explosive accidents happened due to filling petrol to maximum.Dont leave the msg stop here. Let others and your family who drive know about it so they can avoid it…Please SHARE this MSG.

I also want to think that this very hot weather is not hotter than the Middle East. Although I hear the government may have imported some heat to dispel opposition supporters (that’s why it is very hot in Kisumu and Mombasa) :slight_smile: Here is the explosion myth dismissed apparently this is not unique to Kenya.

I have since seen some media from Dubai also dismissing the rumour with the argument that it would take temps higher than the 50 degrees the hottest place gets to explode a tank and even then the explosion wouldn’t be accompanied by a fire.