Fgee Technology

Has anyone purchased anything from Fgee Technology?
Was your experience good?
Are their prices fair?

Find below a link to their site:

Hii ni click bait ama nini

Bought some gear from them. Works as advertised.

@alronay this is not how we introduce products and websites here on this forum. It’s a discussion place, and before you ask us to click on a link you need us to give us an excerpt of what it’s about and what the conversation is about.

You will need to do this in the next 24 hours or the thread will be deleted.


@martingicheru sorry, I didn’t know.
Just wanted to know whether anyone from the forum has bought anything from the business and what was their experience.
Sorry, I didn’t elaborate.

You simply came out brash with a Clickbait to boot. You have to be specific…

@Stiffler254 That wasn’t the intention, hope it’s clear now?

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