Feature phone with contact sync

I’m looking for a feature phone for backup purposes. The only requirement is a way to sync contacts from a google account.
KaiOS devices look like the way to go but locally the Nokia 8110 is 8000Ksh which is too much for a feature phone, it would be easier to add 3000 and get a redmi.

So does anyone have any ideas of a mulika mwizi that can sync contacts?

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I also would really love something like this. Currently have an extremely “dumb” mulika mwizi (although I love it) so hopefully there’s someone here who has a solution. Also hopefully not just contacts from google, but also from other services such as outlook.
Maybe a budget of around kshs 3000 max?

I think there are decent smartphones at this price range… Capable of doing Anything internet related…
Ama mimi ndio sielewi what you guys want…!

I suggest you buy Neon Kicka smartphone which is just around 3500 bob and is actually decent for it’s price

Thanks guys, I’m not looking for a cheap smartphone but a feature phone. A mulika mwizi, dual sim preferably.

The Nokia 150 is looking good at around 2,500. You can use a vcf file to import your contacts. Google contacts supports vcf export and I suppose outlook does as well.

It will have to do until KaiOS devices reach our borders. They just launched one in Indonesia that costs 7$. MTN is angling to be the first to launch one in Africa this year and I’m sure some will trickle in to kenya. Our local providers can’t be far behind as well.

Backup purposes like when you have no internet? I don’t know much about feature phones, but if it’s contacts sync I remember had a contact backup product for was it 1 bob per day or per month, i think it’s still on, you can sync your google contacts to saf then from saf you can download them onto the feature phone

(this info looks unhelpful)

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I believe that has been dead for quite some time.

:rofl: For a moment I thought techweez had gotten an AI assistant to rate posts.

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You probably got the feature phone already but TECNO T901 running KaiOs is now available in the market. Goes for around KES 2,500.

I wish there was a qwerty version of this phone. Can be a really good second phone with fast tying.
But I’m in the minority, most people just want to scroll through a phonebook and call. Most time being spent on a call.


The phone comes with ‘voice typing’ using Google Assistant. So you can literally dictate text on any input box.

How good is voice typing…
I find it a hit or miss… Mostly miss…

Compared to typing one character at a time on that small keypad… It’s pretty good.