Fastest VPN to the US?

This is a great idea, it had popped in mind before to try setup own VPN on an VPS, but never bothered to try, been looking at VPN services. Will give it a shot then post results. Currently using Digital Ocean for hosting.

Also found a pre-built server:

obviously the best free VPN.Inaitwa softether.Download it then get vpngate client 4.3.There are a few US addresses you can use there.realiability might not be the best

Wouldn’t recommend using a production machine (If it’s doing other work e.g hosting websites, email …etc) …you may wake up one day to find emails you send are sent to spam as the IP has been reported to sites like

This article went in depth on what to look for when choosing a VPN.

I have used Express VPN for close to a year now. Best service and speed you can get - 99%of the time it has 0 latency so your speeds will be the same as the ones your ISP is giving you. The much latency I have seen from then is about 15%.

Some of the pros;

  • Very effective app across many platforms.

  • The app autoconnects during booting and will bar internet access until the VPN is running. This is very handy for TV streaming because you dont want to be connecting the vpn manually every time you switch the streaming box on or the internet reconnects.

  • Best customer service I have seen in a company. Its like they are always waiting to talk to you.


  • A bit pricey

(In case you choose Express VPN sign with this link here so both you and me get one month free -

Those asking for a free one I had used Windscribe VPN it works with Netflix sometimes but it can be really slow.

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Once I have tried ExpressVPN. It is fastest according to TechRadar.

Thanks, will give Express a shot.

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Thanks, will try it.

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Thanks, most def, it has to be a separate machine.

How do the following compare Between using Digital Ocean and a VPN Provider:

  1. Download and Upload Speeds
  2. Comparative Cost
  3. Reliability

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Will post once tested.

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Umm i havnt compared it with others but without the vpn i get 50 mbps and with the vpn i get 43 mbps. Im using purevpn at the moment, actually just got it since they had an 82% off on it

Ive used ExpressVPN and PureVPN. They both work really fast. As a matter of fact if you want to make it faster you can manually configure it on your laptop to the PPTP protocol. You could try either but id suggest Pure since it is more value for money. Currently has an 88% Off for Christmas as well.

A kind reminder of the blurred lines with also paid products selling of info …

free == you are the product == dumpster fire

Also hot off the press!

I think if you want to “hide” your online activities a VPN should not be your first choice. Maybe build your own VPN server. But most of us I think us VPN for location purposes so whether they log data or not it may be of little relevance. But I also see how problematic this could be for people who thought VPN are a dark side of the interent where they can do creepy things online.

Try Express VPN and NORD VPN two of the best VPNs in the United States

Currently I am using Systweak VPN and it is providing the best services. Earlier I was using free vpn services but they were very irritating and not working.

So someone suggest me to use “Systweak VPN”. I perosnally recommend this to take a try.