Fastest VPN to the US?

Hi, I normally connect to the US to access region blocked content and websites. The fastest VPN that I’ve had to the US has given me about 15 Mbps. Has anyone gotten a faster VPN?

E.g. Netflix US has shows that are only available in the US.

following,i am interested in a free vpn that is unlimited,easy to configure on a computer and allows me to access Netflix US…

The free ones that I’ve see are primarily mobile versions, are slow, have ads. Not sure of any free desktop that’s unlimited, have only seen trials. Although there’s Opera browser which has a free built-in VPN.

Have not tried it, not sure of its speed, nor the country that it connects to.

I am very hesitant about recommending anything Opera, since Okash happened

Firefox browser allows you to configure a VPN when you go to options, network tab.

But even then, both options don’t allow you to access important apps on your smartphones, so browser VPN is limited.

Ready to bust out technical skills in configuring a Gnu/Linux box? You could DIY a DigitalOcean droplet in a region in the US, install openvpn and configure the clients for ~ 5$ a month…

Just tested Opera, enabled the VPN option, got three region options, I selected the Americas, but it connected to Sweden. Netflix worked, but not the US Netflix. Also not sure if it is a true VPN or a proxy server, because it is blazing fast. Got speeds of over 35 Mbps with a 50 Mbps connection. The IP address had also changed.

This is a great idea, it had popped in mind before to try setup own VPN on an VPS, but never bothered to try, been looking at VPN services. Will give it a shot then post results. Currently using Digital Ocean for hosting.

Also found a pre-built server:

obviously the best free VPN.Inaitwa softether.Download it then get vpngate client 4.3.There are a few US addresses you can use there.realiability might not be the best

Wouldn’t recommend using a production machine (If it’s doing other work e.g hosting websites, email …etc) …you may wake up one day to find emails you send are sent to spam as the IP has been reported to sites like

This article went in depth on what to look for when choosing a VPN.

I have used Express VPN for close to a year now. Best service and speed you can get - 99%of the time it has 0 latency so your speeds will be the same as the ones your ISP is giving you. The much latency I have seen from then is about 15%.

Some of the pros;

  • Very effective app across many platforms.

  • The app autoconnects during booting and will bar internet access until the VPN is running. This is very handy for TV streaming because you dont want to be connecting the vpn manually every time you switch the streaming box on or the internet reconnects.

  • Best customer service I have seen in a company. Its like they are always waiting to talk to you.


  • A bit pricey

(In case you choose Express VPN sign with this link here so both you and me get one month free -

Those asking for a free one I had used Windscribe VPN it works with Netflix sometimes but it can be really slow.

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Once I have tried ExpressVPN. It is fastest according to TechRadar.

Thanks, will give Express a shot.

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Thanks, will try it.

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Thanks, most def, it has to be a separate machine.

How do the following compare Between using Digital Ocean and a VPN Provider:

  1. Download and Upload Speeds
  2. Comparative Cost
  3. Reliability

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Will post once tested.

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