Fastest and Cheap VPNs with Servers in Kenya

Hi guys, I’m currently considering paying for a VPN, primarily to make my streaming lifestyle easier. I’m considering those that are cheap and have local servers (for fast connections). Around a year ago, I was unbothered by this factor. Hence I ended up misleading people by recommending VPNs that are inapplicable to the Kenyan market due to lack of servers (and no, virtual servers don’t count).

My research has revealed that only ExpressVPN and PureVPN have local servers. However, PureVPN mainly uses virtual servers (it has 15 in Mombasa) and is allegedly a privacy violator. Conversely, ExpressVPN has physical stuff which makes it a better option. Other popular VPNs such as Nord, PIA, and Surfshark don’t have local servers, and thus despite their capabilities, I don’t think they can provide a great experience for Kenyans.

Shida ya ExpressVPN is that it is relatively expensive, especially for monthly payment. It costs around Ksh800/$8.32 (x12) for a yearly sub, and Ksh1300 ($12.95) for monthly offer. That is significantly more expensive compared to PIA $3.33 (x12) yearly sub and Surfshark’s $2.49 (x12) annual. What do you recommend guys?