Faimba Telecoms? What do you think?

Well it’s now official that Jamii Telecoms is taking the LTE war to Safaricom’s doorstep with a promise to ensure that they offer unmatched data solutions. What do you think JTL is capable of doing to grab the chapati from Safaricom’s mouth? or What do you expect?

Personally, I expect them to provide us with un-metered data services (no FUPs) for example they can give us unlimited internet based on speeds ranging from 128kbps to even 10 or 20mbps at least to provide people that need affordable unlimited internet na fiber bado ziko Muthaiga na Runda na watu wako Eastlands are left to suffer with bundles to have access to enjoying net without worrying of finishing your bundles.

Does this mean they will be building new base stations for the network? If so, true unlimited internet is not possible.

I think they are going to lease base stations. It is possible since their main agenda is Data first, voice and sms come in as VAS. Like I have said, the unlimited can be based on speeds the same as what Fiber is offering. That is possible using the 700MHz 4G frequency. That is why Safaricom’s Bob Collymore is complaining. The 700MHz spectrum is the strongest, widest, and the best spectrum for 4G for the over 20 spectrums available out there. Safaricom seemed to have wanted to purchase that spectrum through a public auction.

Aaah! Great to know.

I am personally worried by how big of a monopoly Safaricom is in the mobile space. We need 1or 2 new players with enough capital to take on Safaricom.

The monopoly is a huge risk to Kenya. Banks are starting to realise how volatile Mpesa is and they cannot rely on it.

I support Jamii Telecom all the way.

That is so true. Yesterday at 6AM was watching Citizen TV discuss on what could go wrong if Safaricom went off for even a day. The whole economy would suffer.

They mentioned about Mobitelea Ventures. Bonny Khalwale was on the panel and mentioned that Mobitelea ventures is full of big fish people who are in government that always try to use underhand dealings to ensure that Safaricom remains a monopoly.

It is funny that a company that tested and operated 4G under two spectrums (2100 and 900 if I’m not wrong) for over two years for free would come out and argue that Jamii Telecoms has been given a license to operate at a throw away price. That is ridiculous.

That 700MHZ is so sweet and it is the reason why Safaricom is fighting for it. I will not be surprised if Safaricom chooses to go to court over this issue the same way they did to Equitel. They just want to buy time to strategize.

The 700MHz spectrum is nice because it was used for free to air TV. So you can imagine what one booster can do.


JTL are just huffing and puffing sweet nothings,Safaricom is just executing its strategy so well in JTLs core business area i.e FTTH and Enterprise Fibre that the likes of Zuku,Liquid telecom and JTL are just catching up.I mean the problem with safaricom’s competition is they are failing to listen to their customers and refusing to offer them value for their services.If Safaricom remains a monopoly and keeps listening to its customers while providing the services they need they will dominate this market for decades to come.Its a consumer market and the consumer knows best

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Safaricom have really learned the art of listening to their customers and releasing products for that specific need. It was not always that way but they have really improved.

Airtel are also getting good at it but their pockets are not deep enough to disrupt Safaricom.

The worst has to be Zuku. For every single satisfied user that are 10 waiting for an alternative to switch to and ditch Zuku for good.

JTL fiber service is not worth the price. I spoke to one of their agents in 2015 and they informed me that they cap their internet.

5GB for the 5 mbps plan and it resets daily.

Things might be different now though.

That is the reason why JTL has acquired a 4G license. In areas where JTL are operating you will hardly hear of any complaints. Sometimes back when I was working in Parklands, our ISP was Zuku paying 10,000pm for 20mbps at that time. But the connection was so intermittent. You have internet from Monday to Wednesday and the rest of the week there is hardly any connection. After a few months we switched to JTL and issues to do with internet downtime became a history.

I think they made a wise decision to acquire a 4G license and extend services to GSM. I mean, Safaricom is using predatory tactics. They are targeting areas where Liquid Telecom and Zuku are offering FTTH and trying to beg these customers to switch from their ISP and pick up Safaricom fiber.

I think they even went as far as offering free newspapers everyday to estates where they have pitched tent. Some people even complained about the persistent pestering of Safaricom team that was deploying FTTH. They would literally knock doors on a daily basis begging for you to accept their fiber.

JTL is making a wise move. They will not sit back and watch Safaricom prey on their market and let it pass. That is why Bob Collymore is crying foul over that 700MHz spectrum because it means JTL will take advantage of that spectrum to offer data services at cheaper prices knowing that it would be next to impossible to clog the spectrum.

Hopefully they deliver something better than what we have in the mkt currently coz i will only switch to something better than what i have today

There is still 2 x 20 Mhz to go on the 700Mhz. I’m assuming JTL bought 2 x 10Mhz. Safaricom can still buy some spectrum. But i think CA needs to also limit the amount of spectrum that Safaricom gets especially if there are other players who want to enter the market.


Limit Safaricom? The cry baby that is Safaricom will be running to the courts and accusing the governement of trying to control it.

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The thing is JTL is trying to go mobile which is more flexible and can help them diversify their clientele…Jumping directly into 4G can help them have a mobile consumer and enterprise business up and running quickly and scale countrywide.There is long term viability in the strategy as long as its executed properly with a better understanding of the local market.

Thats the weird funny thing,safaricom are really listening to their customers,there is no time i have not had my phone not picked by their fibre team (the fibre team number 400 is toll free).They do respond to emails sent and sometimes even fulfill requests made on email or phone,they are also open to feedback from subscribers and have a team ready to assist locally at any one time.

Airtel stopped caring,Zuku never bothered to know what i think of their overrall services,the fact that i had to call them with my airtime on my safcom line is really frustrating,plus their notification systems are very poor…JTL is a no brainer because they are not available in most residential neighborhoods

Didn’t Safaricon complain about other networks getting spectrums at a cheaper rate because they bought them later - even threatening to ask for a refund of their (KES ?)2.5B payment.

Kenya should have as many telcos as banks then leave people to decide. Those that don’t survive can be bought out by more successful ones.

I look forward to having a total bill of KES 5,000 a month max for both unlimited phone/data plans & FTTH

I haven’t used Airtel for over 1.5 years. Is their customer service deteriorating?

Net has been difficult these past 2 weeks despite fibre being restored. And calls today were dropping or flat our connection errors.

Nope It is still good.

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They already have two 4G spectrums that they operated for free before paying CAK. Now they are crying foul that the 700MHz is a huge national resource that should be given through competitive bidding. Witchcraft is real.


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Kumbe aint the only one whos noticed, their internet has been quite unstable these past 2 weeks or so