Faiba Set top Box

Anyone with more insights??

It’s not a set top box but your average Android box. For 10k you’re better off with the 6k Safaricom box that has Android TV and terrestrial TV.

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Yeah Faiba trying to be Apple here

It went back to 10k, still 6k for Safaricom fiber customers though. I wonder if it’s locked to the purchaser though, someone could be making a killing reselling this after purchasing at a discount.

You’re assuming the demand is that high. It’s been up and down, you can almost predict it will be back to 6k again soon.

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The only thing that will determine its success is the price… at 10k they will be begging customers

I found this

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My bad. I have always believed it to be an Android box only. But I don’t know anyone who owns one outside of JTL.

it’s not a new product. It was introduced kitambo probably 2015 or 2016 and failed to make a dent in the market. Consequently, it’s not easy to get one since they are not really marketed.
It is an android streaming box only, no DVB-T2 receiver. Not legit android TV but those Chinese ones of android ya kawaida slapped with a big screen launcher. A buddy of mine has one.


JTL never learns it seems

Despite Safaricom locking out Netflix and having a remote lacking important functionalities, I still prefer their android box coz it has;

  • Bluetooth 4.1 + Bluetooth Low Energy
  • 4G LTE connectivity
  • Free-to-Air Digital TV channels
  • Chrome Cast support to mirror your phone or tablet to your TV
  • Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 8 users…
  • Wi-fi receiver (802.11n Wi-Fi) meaning you can use different ISP other than Safcom
  • 32GB Internal storage, * USB port and Dolby Audio
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Netflix is the problem and not Safaricom

uhmm kindly clarify, and does this mean that it can’t be accessible via the box’s browser too?

It was mentioned in another topic.