Faiba eSim Now Available!

Got this message. This is a first too for people with laptops or mobile devices that support eSim. What are your thoughts guys?

Interesting. Had expected Safaricon to be the first…

Hopefully, the other ISPs offer this as soon as possible as this is pretty simple

They have been working on it since 2019. Nikama waliona haina maana :joy::joy::joy:

Or they thought, “Aren’t we helping the competition in a way?”…“Let’s put the brakes on this one.”

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It looks like they[Safaricom] can now have the motivation to accelerate their eSim implementation while also working on their 5G plan.

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Wonder what opportunities it would produce in mass adoption …MVNOs?

For Safaricom there is little benefit. If anything it allows users to have another SIM in the device which goes against their Dominance.

Clearly you haven’t researched the powers of an eSIM (or you have chosen to ignore them :grin:). eSIM can help Safaricom lock their customers to their network almost permanently. Notably, you’ll need to make a call to the Telco to get settings and change a SIM, who wants to do that every now and then?

If eSIMs are widely adopted, crappy telcos will lose because no one will easily change a SIM as they wish. I guess Faiba wants to occupy an almost-permanent space in your phone before others do it. Safaricom was caught off-guard IMO.

Sasa watu wa latest iPhones and high-end Androids will always have Faiba with them.

Let’s not forget that eSIM can, to an extent, reduce phone theft :yum:… until majamaa learn how to safely flash the Telco settings.


Much as it would achieve a lock in just like how they lock one sim tray to their network on dual sim phones, they would still insist on offering locked subsidized phones like they currently do. The cost of a SIM card is negligible for them so having an esim (safcom) and a regular sim (other network) is net detrimental as there is another sim in your phone anyway that you can use for data or voice or both.

On the phone theft I agree that may be a deterrent until the thugs figure out how to deal with it.


Note that you can have multiple profiles on the esim though you can’t them at the same time. As long it’s not carrier locked, it’s easy to switch profiles.


Faiba 4G is Now Available for All Smartphones in Kenya (techweez.com)

Following this post, I can confirm that Band 3 (1800MHz) is in Rongai, strong signal btw

Problem is my line ni kama they deactivated my account and I have to reactivate it. Will do so when I’m free and test it out.

Just tried it here along kangundo road and i’m also getting coverage on band 3 where there was non

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looking forward to trying this out

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