Faiba 4G Extreme is Here!

  1. Packages? What packages do we expect? Both limited and unlimited?

  2. Date of launch? Got another leak yesterday the thing will launch earlier than expected. First week of october. Can you confirm this?

  3. Are they going to aggregate that 700mhz 4G band with another band?

  4. Which towns/cities will have their Faiba 4G Extreme from day one?

Yes, A fair usage policy of 1 mbps or higher is usable. That would be okay.

Airtel, i just don’t know. I think they should just quit. Sell the business to a more capable(in terms of financing the business and strategy) player.

They have to. By the way, Safaricom has been testing Volte for a while now. Does anyone know when they are going to launch? What are they waiting for,devices? Chicken and egg problem.

I think they are waiting for Faiba 4G to go live because nearly all, if not all 4G handsets support VoLTE.

Are you out yet? So curious right now :grin::grin::grin:


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@martingicheru I’m going to the supreme court to get a court order.

Here is form 34A, we’ll open up the servers soon.


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Anything about these questions?

PACKAGES- I think and hope all offering will be unlimited but at different speeds, they could also go for huge bundle offerings like 50GB, 100GB to 1,000GB for crazy people.
DATE- the sooner the better.
TOWNS-as usual Nairobi and Mombasa, Nairobi CBD seems to have fallen out of favour for early launches, according to Alai Faiba 4G is showing around Runda area currently

If Faiba play their game well they might give the fiber guys like zuku and saf a run for their money since I see many people trying to get connected but get frustrated, an unlimited
mobile offering at higher cost will be a welcome thing, anything from 2,500 to 10,000 is a welcome cost.

Based on speeds. Otherwise past the 5,000 mark its out site keeping in mind that Safaricom fiber covers this and anyone who is most likely to pay 5,000+ per month is also most likely to be in a region covered by Safaricom’s FTTH. For me anything between 2,000 - 3,500 would be ideal.

I’m not sure. I read through all available listings of MediaTek phones i could find and not one mentioned support for the 700MHz band

This is true

A ka small telegram secret chat for forum loyalists? @martingicheru

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You know even the forum here has groups and a lounge. I can always create content there. But be a little bit patient. I didn’t get everything yet. Otherwise I’d have shared a little on their approach. Right now I can only share about experience with the modem. I’m getting 17mbps up and down, easy to stream a movie.
If they have a package with such or better speeds and unlimited monthly, they are bound to disrupt proper.


Good question :+1::+1:

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We checked some of the devices in Kenya, such as the TECNO Phantom 6 and it does have support for the 700mHz. In comparison, my OnePlus 3 does not support this band and @martingicheru is in the same boat as I am.

I hope we are all up to date with what we got so far. Anything that is not answered, including many that we asked shall be answered at launch.

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Nice piece,so does being on the 700MHz mean that a Network search on my device will not show Faiba?

Does your phone support the band?

Most likely, but I can see on the article shared above that they will consider aggregating the band with different band. So we might all be surprised at launch.

Food for thought: you cannot aggregate with a band for which you don’t have the license.

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