Faiba 4G Extreme is Here!

So guys. I’m so damn frustrated with the fact that we do not have Telkom 4G in our area and Airtel 4G is taking like forever to go live. Keep in mind that our area does not have fiber also.

So everyday I find myself on Twitter checking how many people have tweeted Airtel asking about 4G. So today I remember something to do with an internal memo at Faiba (season of leaking memos from the IEBC to wherever :grin::grin::grin:) that I read on Techweez main site.

So I decided to search on Twitter about FAIBA 4G and guess what? This account shows up (created end of August) FAIBA 4G Extreme. Oooh boy. But wait. It could just be a fake. So I decided to check who are following the account after noticing there are 8 followers.

So, I noticed that Faiba’s main account is not one of the followers then I noticed some guy by the name Dan Rotich who is one one of the followers and his profile reads some network/networking guru that works at Faiba Telecoms.

Well, that place has plenty of Kales well after all it’s majority owned by them.

So I decide to tweet and ask him about it and no sooner had I sent the tweet than I received a response from him.

Well, he confirms that in 2 months or less, Faiba Extreme is going live and we should expect both bundles and unlimited internet.

Could Extreme have a hidden meaning? You know they have the best 4G spectrum. Probably faster LTE speeds than what Safaricom is able to provide on 4G+ ???

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I don’t think so. They have the best spectrum in terms of covering a wider area. For throughput, the bandwidth is more important. Safaricom has spectrum in the 800(2x10mhz ) and the 1800(I don’t know how much but if I’m to guess 2x10mhz -probably the 1800mhz bandwidth they acquired from Essar Yu) bands which they are aggregating to give you higher throughputs if you have a phone that can take advantage of it-4G plus as they call it.

Faiba, if I’m not wrong, only has 2x10mhz(I’m assuming they’ll use an FDD scheme) on the 700mhz.

So in areas where safaricom and faiba have good coverage, both should be on par in terms of performance or safaricom will be better.

But we also have to keep in mind safaricom has more subscribers. That may affect network performance. I’m assuming this won’t be a big problem.

Don’t put your hopes up too high. It might have a fair usage policy.

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Most definitely this has to be there. If they give us something equal or better to Telkom’s unlimited at a cheaper price, then I’m sure it shall be worth it.

I just wonder why Airtel is still asleep. If Faiba goes live before Airtel, they will surely take a beating. By the way, this Faiba thing is targeting low cost consumers and let’s see how the ISP wars take shape in the next few months.

By the way, Faiba will be VoLTE from day one when they launch but keep in mind, their core product is internet and not voice.

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Definitely something to look forward to

I’m just wondering how many people’s phones support the 700 Mhz 4G band.

In a country of techno users and their sub standard fancy worded SoC phones… Kuna shida…

As far as I can tell, no MediaTek powered phone supports the 700MHz band - not even the MT6799 (Helio X30) devices like the Meizu Pro 7 Plus that are Q1 2017 so this will be a real problem for JTL’s adoption rates.

As always, Exynos 8895 Octa - EMEA & Qualcomm MSM8998 Snapdragon 835 - USA & China are supported with LTE Band 17(700), 20(800), 28(700)

Summarized MEdiaTek devices in the screenshot below (click to ZOOM)

List of devices using Mediatek SoCs

If they have this and fail to provide Voice it’ll be a mistake on their end. This is their edge and if they wish to win over the tech savvy users - besides the 700 MHz - they have to provide this.

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What if they provide it for home or office use only on routers and modems which they can sell themselves like Telkom is doing with their 020 numbers which comes with the homeplan modems?

This might be their aim when they kick start and have their devices cost less to help increase the uptake of their network by consumers.

I have asked him if they shall be aggregating the band with another band but he is yet to respond.


Could you tell what this phone is? this is what they are using to test the network on the field. Last they uploaded this picture on Aug 31 test done along Eastern Bypass, which they mentioned that they are optimizing the network at the moment. Speeds look bad they are still in the testing phase.

So they are ready to go live with Volte before the year ends. Guess who else has already successfully tested Volte but is quiet about it, only going to respond when they need to?

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you know this whole thing looks a lot similar to what Jio India is doing. They provide wireless 4G LTE service network without 2G/3G based services or infrastructure for that matter, only VoLTE. If Jio’s incredible success is anything to go by, maybe Faiba 4G really is a thing to look out for.
100 million subscribers within 6 months of commercial launch

Safaricom? or Airtel? Remember there is something big you promised us and we are still waiting for that article to show up? :grin::grin::grin:

The reason why Airtel India’s revenues are tumbling.

Of course it’s Safaricom.

This one is their rival, sometimes getting full details can take a while, And you can’t go with bits.

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For us in the forums, perhaps you could provide us with sneak peeks? :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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this should be interesting,if they can offer 4G devices like USB modems at below 2k,routers at 4k and unlimited bundles priced like the safaricom home fibre product with acceptable FUP at 1 or 2 Mbps esp focus on Mombasa and Nairobi…Focus on growing data marketshare and onboarding as many users as possible through mad recruitment drives,its all gonna be capital intensive but long term it can be very rewarding…just get the ordinary users hooked on your data,partner with restaurants,cafes,matatus e.t.c with incentives and offerings just to onboard as many users as possible…get to “millions” user figure in 6 to 12 months before monetizing…thats a sound strategy in conquering this market irregardless of competitor moves and also mad advertising all all these avenues including TV and radio…

This is true. An FUP of around 1 or 2 mbps is acceptable for unlimited internet on the move at Safaricom’s pricing model. Hope their marketing team was not bred and reared in the leafy suburbs because they might hit a miss.

Hahah… The desperation. I can tell you this, it’s Telkom and it has something to do with 4G.

Hopefully, it will have to do with upgrading Eastlands to 4G status :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Anything you need to know about Faiba? Share within the next hour, I’m going in.

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