Facebook Messenger for kids, what are your thoughts?

Sean Parker, one of Facebook’s early investors and its first president,
recently riffed on how bad Facebook probably is for our kids https://quartzy.qz.com/1148385/why-i-wont-let-my-children-near-facebooks-messenger-for-kids/

Well… Its a no for me

I hate the normal messenger and facebook always forcing it down someones throat, like on facebook it shows you have a messenger but to read the messenger you have to download messenger on top of an already heavy facebook, plus whatsapp
just make FB a one stop shop, allow me to open whatsapp,messenger instagram and FB on the same app.

Same here, I don’t have facebook messenger installed on my phone either, whenever a message pops up on my main facebook app i wait till i’m near a pc/laptop to view the message just to clear off the annoying notification from my facebook app.

Thank you GOD I don’t have Messenger and I never used to have Facebook. After the Nougat update Samsung forced it on me. The update came with Facebook installed and there is no way I can remove it unless I root the phone. Something I don’t want to do now. So I have deactivated the app.

I use the phone’s browser. What’s App notifications are taking a toll on me already. I don’t need further instructions from multiple apps.

I took the same approach but I have since moved to Nokia 8. Now I don’t have that kind of problems.

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Strange thing is that I haven’t used Facebook since 2012 and I haven’t missed it since. All this digital craze is turning people into ADHD-stricken zombies and they don’t even know it’s happening. The most social networking I do (if it can even be called that) is WhatsApp. Frees my mind up for what’s really important. I know it will be an uphill task to keep my kids off social network addiction but I’ll do my best to fend them off until they’re old enough. Old enough to know that building your entire personality based on social media, TV, and other lie-ridden platforms makes you less capable of real relationships.

I long for the day my kids will come home dirty from head to toe sometimes with bruises they won’t tell where they got them from. The day when they won’t have an aneurysm when their phones die on them in the middle of the day. That’s when I’ll know they are ready to face the world.

Haha… your kind of problems

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