Facebook Instant Article and Google AMP - Publishers Do You Use It?

I have decided not to incorporate Instant Articles or AMP on my site because I don’t like the way the web pages are displayed by these tools. Also, Instant Articles makes a visitor to access your website inside Facebook’s App.

These tools end up displaying a stripped down version of your website that I find to be ugly. Facebook takes that opportunity to throw in some ADS too and suggestions from other Facebook posts. With AMP you can customize it but still I find it ugly.

I do like it when a visitor visits my website directly. Visitors are usually compelled to have a look around the website. With Instant Articles it just gives the feeling that a visitor is still in Facebook and the moment they see a suggested post with dope memes, they take off.

What do you think publishers?

Lite comparison done here

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I can speak for Techweez and we don’t use any of these tools due to the reason that they take away the readers from the blog… Also, I understand it is not possible to view hits gotten through such tools.