External Harddrive Failure

So I just had a random thought today.

I was watching this YouTube clip and here he said that people with Transcend SD cards had the highest rate of failure from a poll they did.

I had an epiphany from this. Personally I’ve never owned an external hard disk but I have seen people complain about their external hard disk failing.

I’m curious, if you experienced such an unfortunate scenario, what brand was it?

Transcend, USB port failure.

Wait…the cable itself?

The port failed.

Oooh damn! That completely ruins the whole thing.

No, not really. You can always buy a new enclosure with a working port.


Never owned one too, but transcend’s port always fail… Remember Eliud’s that you had to hold in a special way for it to work…

i have a transcend 1tb external hdd that i have owned since 2013… still operational, never failed. :grin:

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I’ve been using Transcend drives at work to store daily database backups. Five years running and I’m yet to experience a failure.

The ports do get flimsy with time but that’s a problem with external hard disks in general.

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Transcend has a bad rep locally,i wouldnt advise anyone to own one…Its better to just get WD

You have WD?

Most failures are caused by handling. If you move alot with the hardrive chances are that it will fail at some point.

Have had my Transcend external hard disk for 6 years now. So far no problems. I travel with it and use it a lot …
Thinking though of switching to a RAID 1 NAS System to avoid failure scenarios

Use RAID 10. It’s the best compromise for both speed and data redundancy.

one thing that will guarantee tou a hdd failure is dropping it while it is on/spinning

That’s probably overkill for a home setup

I have 4 Transcend external harddrives with the oldest more than 6 years (160 GB ) and they have never failed .I used to buy the drives from a shop hapo opposite MP Shah that only dealt with Transcend products.One thing I like about Transcend is that incase the port gets faulty one can open up and use the drive on another casing.The other brands have the usb controller and the hard drive electronic on one board so incase the port fails you are doomed since the drive doesnt have a SATA interface.

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If your media collection is large enough then it does makes sense.

Why not use RAID 5 then. Thinking of it, might eventually use RAID 5.

RAID 5 is a pain to rebuild and at any one time you can’t afford to lose more than one drive. I would not recommend it for your proposed setup.