Extend Home Fiber Internet

I currently happen to have two Safaricon Home Fiber Routers. Is it possible to use the second router to Extend the network received by the First Router…

Very possible. Niliona swali jana ni ka assume someone else will respond :rofl:. Connect the second one with an ethernet cable (io port #1), then follow online steps on how to disable its modem and turn it to an extender.

People here ni Experts were kublue tick…
Mind sharing those instructions or link…

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:rofl: :rofl:

I’m guessing it’s a Huawei…Safaricom uses EG8145V5 if I’m not wrong. Follow this video below, might help. Ignore the poor voiceover, visual illustration is good


Lemme try and see how it goes…

We had the same problem at home. We were paying 5k for saf home internet (bronze package) which cost 2500 at that time. Eventually i bought another router which would act as a repeater and paid some guy to connect the two using an ethernet cable. We now pay 4000 for internet and the reach is allover the house.

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Using an existing second Saf Router as an extender didn’t work out.
Eventually bought another router (Tenda) and used it as an extender…

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Sad it didn’t work out. I think someone here with extra router should research for a better way to make it work. It should work