Express VPN with Safaricom Fibre problems

I use express vpn it works well with telkom internet. I have recently connected to safaricom fibre and now express vpn not working. Gave 20mbps at safaricom router but after vpn tp link only getting 1 to 2 mbps - unable to watch uk netflix now as constantly streaming and us netflix not loading at all - is safaricom blocking express vpn overseas servers? any advice would be appreciated!

Hi guys would really appreciate advise - has anyone else experienced issues between safaricom fibre & express vpn?

You can try use the VPN on the devices rather than on the router. I use Express daily and never had a problem.

Ok thanks will try and setup vpn on appletv :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately apple tv does not support vpn software so have to route it thru wifi router - I am in touch with Safaricom but so far no joy…

I had the same issue . I decided to switch to a smart DNS service instead. If you don’t mind privacy and are only concerned about accessing geo restricted sites, go for a smart DNS subscription. Speeds are barely affected if at all.

Thanks. Yes Express vpn has suggested their MediaStreamer which is DNS - the only problem I have is to change it per each device so jumping between amazon fire stick and apple tv becomes not so seamless. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah. That’s the problem with Smart DNS. If your router allows it, you can make changes there and you won’t have to tweak any of devices’ network settings. That’s what I did.

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