Errors on the MySafaricom App

MySafaricom app is reported to be a success, and I have to agree with them, it does change the experience to reduce the steps one makes to make an Mpesa transaction. And I agree it’s a Beta app still, so its not surprising that outside the already known features that don’t work, one will also find some bugs when using the app.

The bug I’ve found it mainly hanging mid-transaction when you expect it to call the SIM toolkit (STK) and ended up going back to STK directly for the Mpesa transaction.

ION, anyone ever withdrew money via STK at an Mpesa agent and the process skipped the hakikisha part? It’s happened to me at least three times now.

Maybe once or twice to me

It has failed to call the STK a couple of times. I even stopped using it for M-pesa transactions.

Happens to me on like 30% of all my transactions a month. There was a time on Buyer Beware Kenya people used to condemn those that have sent money to a wrong number claiming that they ought to have used Hakikisha. I was always forced to rant on such posts informing people that the Hakikisha part fails at times. Be it at an Agent, Lipa na Mpesa, or sending to another customer.

At least nowadays, people don’t refer to Hakikisha when posts of sending money to the wrong number shows up.

The Hakikisha thing ought to be integrated the way Equity Bank has done theirs. When the pop up shows, you have two options

  1. Yes - to send money
  2. No - to cancel transaction

So when the pop-up fails to appear, the transaction is automatically cancelled. Also, when you ignore the pop-up the transaction will not be processed. It is a must for you to select either of the two options. How I wish Hakikisha was that way.

Not had that problem, I don’t know but is the app independent on the sim card, does it work when the sim is removed, it would be great when traveling overseas just need Internet connection and you can pay Kenya power from China,
Also why don’t they merge the my safaricom app, m ledger and the net perfom into one super app, might even evolve into a wechat

No it’s not. As I have noted, the app calls the SIM toolkit. Full dependence on the SIM card.

The Hakikisha pop-up shows up for me only a few times. Most of the time it doesn’t. Especially on my iPhone. On Android it worked more than it failed but it still failed.

I actually used it once to cancel a transaction by the way and I got back a pop-up that suggested there was a limit to how many times you could use it…? That if I used it five times my M-Pesa would be blocked…? I don’t really remember the details as it was on my screen for barely a second before it disappeared.

But this I really need someone to unpack for me. I don’t understand why you would write in a fail-safe and then limit it’s use.

The limit is set at five attempts I think in under 24 hours to limit abusers for the service. For instance, there are people who are only interested in knowing the name-holder for certain numbers. Could be jilted lover or someone trying to confirm names of a person out of curiosity for no good reason. So you end up using Hakikisha more than five times checking other people’s names without completing a transaction. That is considered as abuse and a threat to other people’s privacy.

So it does not matter how may times you use it for as long as in between five Hakikisha checks, you complete at least, one transaction.

Aha! Got it. I didn’t get the 24hrs bit. That’s why it was so disturbing.

Have these people not heard of Caller ID apps? SMH.

Safaricom better be somewhere reading this because this would be the perfect way to do it.

Told them about it but they are the lords of impunity. Those transaction fees from P2P are good for business, worse than loosing a bet on SportPesa.

Caller ID apps. I condemn the use of such apps. Anyone can put up their names as so and so in those apps kama True Caller. I made sure all my contacts are deleted from that service long time ago and I would ask my friends with True Caller to try check if my numbers bring any of my names and they confirmed my contacts do not have a name on True Caller.

People easily use such apps to fraud people.

I like this thinking. Yeah some people cancel transactions just to see the name or even worse to trick someone into thinking they’ve sent money but in truth they have not.

Establishments in town will no longer let you walk away from an mPESA without them receiving the confirmation message even if you read the names on Hakikisha

So today I experienced both cases. Used Paybill to pay for something, Hakikisha part did not appear and I only confirmed to have sent to the correct paybill and account when the Mpesa transaction message came in.

I then decided to use MySafaricom app for a second transaction, so that at least I be sure the Paybill I’m sending to. This time it didn’t call the STK for me to enter Mpesa PIN, so the transaction didn’t complete. After a few minutes I got a message from Safaricom with a message “Dear customer, please try again later.”, just that. I still don’t know what to do yet.

On mobile data? or Wi-Fi?

I think I was on WiFi.

It does not work on WiFi that is what they told me when I experienced the same.

They told me this too.


I have used the app to both Pay Bill and Buy Goods. To “Hakikisha”, put in the till number or Business number and hit the “Search” icon. Do this before you hit send. It returns the name of the business so you always know you are sending money to the right person or business.

This has been quite sticky. Tried twice today to pay bills unsuccessfully and had to go back to STK. I wonder whether it has anything to do with 4G.