Enter Safaricom Platinum

Let’s see what people know about Safaricom Platinum and the enthusiasm we have on it. An article by @AbuyasLife is coming up hopefully within the hour. This first entry will be edited with a summary of what the product is about.

To start us off, Safaricom Platinum is the third segment after Blaze for under 26 customers, Flex is for the ‘go getters’, while Platinum is for the busy people.
Platinum is technically bundles that you buy, giving you data, voice minutes and text for each data bundle with different prices for different offers. What seems to be the value add is discounts at select merchants like discounts on lubricants at Shell, restaurant discounts at Eat Out and offers on events ant travel at TicketSasa.


But still. The product is not anything to smile about. The old postpaid is the real deal. Too bad they locked it. But I find it funny though. Safaricom Platinum has been there since 2013/2014?

still the best safaricom offer after tunukiwa :joy::joy: whenever I switch to saf this is the only option which keeps me hooked. Flex is crap

It has been but inaonekana hii ni mpya because nimeona haina barrier to entry ya 15K kama hio ya 2014, hii you just buy the package(data+sms+minutes) that pleases you.

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I don’t see anything new exciting, they’re just after Ocharge in regard to Merchant Discounts.

guys, mtu ana access hii platinum wapi? I have no update and my app is still showing blaze. ni dial nini?

Applicable to MySafaricom version +

Switch back to the normal app.

You should see the new Platinum option

PS: I am a beta user so maybe not everyone has received the update yet.

Update your mySaf app to the latest version, itashow up.

Play store sina, maybe hawana update ya wasee wa Nougat… nyii wa oreo ndio mko nayo :sweat_smile:

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Worked :ok_hand:

Let stick with karibu postpay still think it’s a steal.

The bundle is still inferior to Airtel’s UnlimiNet coz of the resources offered

Na zinalipiwa hadi deposit despite the premium price. Eish!!!

I still don’t like it. I will just buy normal airtime.

They are discriminatory against those of us who are under 26 years. Anyone above 26 gets a new awesome UI Safaricom App, the rest of us are stuck on the old one.

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So about UI, people aged 26 and under who happen to also be in the Blaze generation don’t get the full Platinum UI as we’ve discovered with @sarunibm and @itsgeorrge. My app after update went automatically to Platinum UI even before subscribing, with an option to go back to MySafaricom app default. An interesting thing also happened.

On @sarunibm’s app it showed him an option for Platinum 1k, which is absent for the rest of us. It’s like Platinum kadogo.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: Saf should use this to market hio ya 1K.

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I think we all have platinum 1K displayed in capital letters kwa all apps? au ni mi sioni vizuri? after I switched manually.

I don’t have it, just 2, 3, 5 and 10.

Yangu imeanza ivi

na Kuna buy once