Enpass Password Manager, a $10 app, just became available for free on the Play Store

Listen up Android fans, Enpass Password Manager is free right now. Well, it is usually free but has a premium tier that costs $9.99, a one-off fee (no annual subscriptions). For today, thanks to daily deals app myAppFree, you can unlock the usually costly premium tier for free. It won’t last long though. The deal will be off in the next few hours since it has been on for at least 16 hours already and was meant to last 24 hours so rush!

You don’t need to do a thing, just head over to the Play Store, install the app, start it and select your Google account to unlock the premium tier that will allow you to store as many credentials as possible.

Why are we excited about Enpass? Because it is one of the few really good alternatives to LastPass. In my opinion, it still doesn’t beat Lastpass as it misses essentials like auto-fill but that should change soon. Also, unlike LastPass which is subscription-based, you pay a one-off fee for Enpass. In today’s case, you get it just for free. Also, if you’re paranoid about all your login credentials being hosted on a server somewhere as is the case with Lastpass, Enpass takes a rather different approach. It allows you to take your passwords with you. You can choose to keep them locally on your machine (risky) or somewhere else like a cloud storage service (Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox) etc.

Tip: You don’t need to have myAppFree installed in order to get this deal. It is open to all.