Emirates dealing with US/UK laptop ban on plane cabins by handling them for customers

Trump administration banned any piece of electronic larger than a phone from being carried in the cabin by passengers of flights going to the US from eight countries; Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Morocco, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. The Brexiters did the same as well.

And now Emirates is trying to deal with that, since they consider themselves the business carrier of choice for many. Wouldn’t dispute that.


Emirates will allow passengers to hold on to their laptops and tablets after checking in until boarding time, when security staff at the gates will themselves pack the devices into boxes and load them onto the flight.

“Our new complimentary service enables passengers, particularly those flying for business, to have the flexibility to use their devices until the last possible moment,” said Tim Clark, president of Emirates.

The devices will be returned to their owners upon arrival in the United States free of charge.

Smart move by Emirates