embedded-SIM Cards (eSIMS)

#safaricom has unveiled eSims with several idevices and samsung devices supported today (June 7, 2021)

iPhone: XR, XS, XS Max, 11, 12 and SE 2020.
Samsung: Galaxy S21, S20, Z Fold and Note20.

Faiba 4G has had the service since January with a wider range of supported phones …

Here is a video guide by Apple on how to setup an eSim.

What’s your experience onboarding, managing and switching between mobile network carriers? Experiences and thoughts welcomed below …

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Meanwhile the other two netowrks that don’t even have VoLTE

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That’s a bit minor.

That one network that doesn’t have 4G+ (Telkom :joy::joy::joy:)

This is brilliant news for iPhone owners who yearned for Safaricom to introduce eSIM. Faiba’s was groundbreaking but even in Nairobi, I could only access it in certain rooms on the upper floors of my place. I don’t even stay far from CBD, (along James Gichuru). My job has me traveling a lot so Faiba wasn’t feasible due to limited coverage. However, having a physical Telkom sim, Safaricom and Faiba (where network is available) eSIMs in my phone will give me more options when using mobile data. I have friends that teased me about iPhones never getting eSIM support locally. Tables just turned yo!