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Seems we do not have an electronics category here. I am an electronics expert that would love to offer some help to members.

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I went to shop for a TV yesterday and I was so confused that I didn’t buy one, I have settled for LG or samsung 43 inches.
1- My dilemma is brand LG or samsung which is better.
2- FHD or UHD I tell myself that FHD is enough but my head tells me UHD is future proof and the
price difference is not that much.
3- Smart or dumb, I really don’t find smart tvs all that smart, I use google chromecast and it’s
awesome, convince me otherwise.

So hapo ndipo niko confused as hell, here are some models i checked at naivas and hotpoint

Well, FHD and UHD are one and the same thing. Depending on your budget, any of the two brands is magnificent. But, I am more biased towards LG. The picture quality of LG is more superior to that of Samsung. One more good thing is that LG is not complex in regards to repair as opposed to Samsung. Lastly, buy the brand you decide from an authorized dealer and get a genuine warranty. I honestly do not advise my clients on buying electronics from supermarkets. You can read more on this and other electronics stuff here >>> https://www.electronics.co.ke

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Personally the only reason I don’t buy TVs and Hometheatres from supermarkets is the price. One can get them at a much cheaper price at selected outlets in and around Luthuli Avenue.

Apart from price I see nothing wrong with electronics from supermarkets seeing that buyers get warranty cards for the various electronics they buy in the supermarkets so I’m abit curious as to what your reasons might be, can you expound abit more on your statement, what’s wrong with supermarket electronics?

Aiii brathe, FHD na UHD si ni vitu different?


In this age of fakes and imitations, buying an electronics appliance from an authorized dealer is the only way you can be guaranteed of buying an original and genuine product. In case of a fault on your gadget, repair is usually easier with the dealers as opposed to supermarkets.

Kindly look at links below. I have erred a bit. And yes there is a slight difference in regards to pixels. @kiharajon kindly see this as well. [https://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/full-HDTV-ultra-HD-true-HDTV-1080p](https://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/full-HDTV-ultra-HD-true-HDTV-1080p)

On FHD… 4 FHD = 1 UHD …Normally 4096x2096 is from digital camera formats while 3840x2160 is what most Tv manufacturers use.

@kiharajon my folks bought the same TV early last year. You can see the difference in detail between a 4K video and a 1080p. Get a 4K HDR and a 1080p video on MKBHD’s channel or this video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXb3EKWsInQ on YouTube and compare. The codec is VP9 and not HEVC aka H.265 but it should support HDR. LG’s SA site confirms it supports 10 bit VP9 - https://www.lg.com/za/tvs/lg-43UM7340PVA

However, the disappointment is HDR. The screen does not seem to get bright that you can experience the brightest whites and dim down to get the darkest blacks. The brightness nits are conveniently missing from the specs tab and am yet to come across an article/video on the HDR performance of the specific model.

Image on this post and better extensive explanation on 4K can be found @ http://4k.com/resolution/

You know you are talking about 1080p and 4k resolution, right?

Not slight, 4 times. In your perspective we should tell everyone to buy TV with any resolution cuz the difference is “slight.” :thinking:

Funny turn of events I bought a Sony 43inch FHD, 44k, it brilliant, (I noticed a huge difference between FHD and UHD) it’s funny that the smart part of the Sony is having YouTube and Netflix, I see no other smart features, according to most people I asked You can never go wrong with a Sony TV, you might not get the bells and whistles of LG and Samsung but you will get a good relible TV.

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The current problem is getting TVs above 43 inch that are not smart but digital.
That is something I want, to get a 55" UHD TV that is not smart, and I can take care of the smartness myself.

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Getting a New/ Recent non Smart TV above 43 inch is tricky
I remember when buying my LG I was specifically looking for Non Smart
Then bought an Android Box
My Brother bought a 4K smart TV and dude still had to get a firestick

Hehe I have seen so many people saying the so called smart TV is not so smart and I agree the Sony I got is smart but using the Chromecast is easier and my parents already love to use it, soon you will not be able to get dumb TV’s

Hii ni kama kutafuta gari manual kwa car yard :grin: ngumu sana

I agree with this,Smartness is too much hype…Just focus on getting over 43inches preferably UHD or 4K and it better be dumb…you can add the smartness with an NVIDIA Shield,a Mi Box,A firestick or a Chromecast which are more reliable in getting Android TV software updates and give your TV more features at an affordable price.

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I must say those avoiding the smart TVs are afraid of duplication so to say. I don’t think there is anything inherently wrong with a smart TV, anything that warrants me to jump from one shop to another for a dumb TV.
All in all, 4K or UHD has a huge and noticeable difference. I also have a preference to LG brand for it’s colour. Sony and Samsung are also good.
Ultimately, if you really want a smart TV, I must agree with all of you, get an Nvidia Shield, Firestick e.t.c

I use Fire stick and it works well for the most part. I just have two problems, since it can’t work without your credit card connected, it keeps billing me 300 bob for Prime Video that I never use. I have tried canceling three times since January, but even after canceling I get billed. I’ll probably end up changing my card and leave them billing a dead card.
Other thing is that Showmax isn’t supported, so since it’s an APK file upload, in-app search doesn’t work. I can’t search inside of Showmax, I end up scrolling all the movies or series when I need to find something.

Haha good luck with this

This sounds like lots of hustle. Am trying to imagine a loooong list of movies and you have to scroll to the very bottom. The billing part too – scary!

i asked about this a while back nkaambiwa you use porch for that.I would also like an electronic category